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Romans 1:16. | 📍Vancouver BC

Problems want attention I don’t give em much , you can tell my worries I am signing off Yeah I am casting all my anxiety because you care for me Oh LORD I am married to your WILL #livingmybestlife #Godson #younglifeleader #amanwithcoffee #discoveringlife #exploringbritishcolumbia #mamaapproves lol
I usually only post only shred posts, but this is my current physique this summer I haven’t gained much I low key miss The shreds & highkey loving the pizza, sushi, cookies trying out new restaurants & etc. I honestly love it here, the smile says it all & please don’t ask me if I will ever come back 😭😭😂. It’s time gain 30lbs more esssket it. - the young simba #chasingthatprocard @naturalcanadaifbbproqualifier
Challenges are gifts that forces us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand. #freakfitnessathlete #theyoungsimba #Chasingthatprocard #againstallodds #cpa @naturalcanadaifbbproqualifier let’s get it
Top ✋🏾 top✋🏾 Lights, camera, Action. Tb #chasingthatprocard #againstallodds #fitnessmodel #youngsimba #Godswarrior #freakfitnessathlete @freakfitnessonline let’s get it
When you face conflict, it means you’re heading in the right direction. Walking into a new day like, Monday what’s up?! God is so good. #vancouvervibes #tourist #villageboylivinginBC
You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the previous one. You’ve got to turn the page.- The young simba. #Godslittlewarrior #offseaontraining #futurefitnessmodel #againstallodds #roadtovancouverprovincials #whynotme
Not all STORMS come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path 🙏🏾⛰ #tunnelvision #justavillageboyliving bc.
Where there is A WILL, theres A WAY. You are responsible for your life and where you are right now. Don’t like it, then change it... you’re not a tree. Starts now. #theyoungsimba #Godswarrior #roadtovancouverprovincials #againstallodds #tunnelvision
Coming to work with the greatest news ever just let you know whatever you are facing understand you don’t have to go through it alone. God is fighting with you. The enemy wants you to believe that you are lonely a& God isn’t listening. Sometimes it’s your own distractions that keep you from hearing His voice speaking to you. Clear your apace & ask God for clarity & wisdom to understand that everything you’re facing isn’t in vain. That one day, you will back & see how God used your pain for a purpose. Your tears for your testimony. Your heartbreak for someone else’s healing. Your baggage for huge breakthroughs. Your fears turned into freedom. He’s working when you’re wishing for something to shift. He hears your cries & prayers. Keep trusting, keep holding on, & do not let go. This is just the beginning to what God has waiting for you on the other side. The victory is yours!!!! Left a five years job and now working for company that willing to pay for courses aka degree 😍🔨🔧⛰🌴 God is the greatest I love you Jesus 😘😍 I love Vancouver
Monday motivation: God I trust you to lead me and use me for your Glory and fill me even the most activities with your purpose and power and love. Amen. @photoartfilm @gorillajack thank you and @freakfitnessonline @crowbarfitness @freakmaker1 I am looking for forward for more shows 2k19 let’s work. #Godswarrior #theyoungsimba #freakfitnessathlete #freakforlife 🤙🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾
There have been times that the door wasn’t closed... you just couldn’t fit through it. This is because what you are carrying is too big for where you THINK you should be going. Don’t force it. Wait for the door you fit through because on the other side is a spacious place of purpose. #Godsplans .
Well I was asked what motivates me or where do I find the motivation from?! True story FIRST -I am competing in March for my first show and SECOND -Is I was bullied in my whole junior high years even early senior years I mean coming to a country where English is not your first language. I’ve come along way which I thank God because if it wasn’t for him I don’t where I would be at this moment. When I was at junior high school, at that time I used to low self esteem about myself because I always degrade myself, due to the way people at school were mocking and bullying me about my acne. People used to call me funny names that I didnt know about my face. Their words really did hurt me which I wasn’t accepted I felt home sick. I remember walking into a classroom where kids will look at me sometimes laugh at me maybe because I was late or the way how I used to dressed up. I became more shy and scared around people. There was a time I thought of skipping classes because I wouldn’t take the insults and mockings from people anymore, imagine you have not done nothing to people but people will just have to victimize you for no reason. I couldn’t find any ways I was even tell my family or friends but I got myself involved into sports where I could keep myself busy. At the age of 20 it kind of got even worse lost weight and became depressed couldn’t sports anymore everything was miserable. I thought of start lifting weights maybe that could of helped me. In 2017 I met someone who introduced me to a church, I felt like I needed God more in my life, I was always been a believer but as part time I lost faith in everything. I used condemn myself because I allowed people’s negative word to dominate me which I was a very weak person I will ask God why was I created like this? I want to thank T for encouraging me never gave up on me will advise and motivate me constantly and tell me how much God loves and values me unconditionally lol the unique smile that I have. From that time I started rebuilding my confidence and learning how to disallow negative word to bring me down to my greatness. I thank God for making me the person I am today because I believe that God did not make
Well it’s been a very long journey for me I have a lot to say but I will let my transformation speak to itself. MD - I hated every minute of training, but I said. “ Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. And also thank @aaguzzi for helping me losing all that weight in 2016 and now I’m super excited and nervous to train with @freakmaker1 mabba 2018 let’s go
Be a reflection of your lifestyle. It’s not easy but always worth it. #infinitevibes #levels 🤙🏾🙏🏽
The greatest prison people live in, is fear what other people think. Smile more and trust the process 😀
Challenges are what makes life interesting , and overcoming them is what's life meaningful. Still a lot to do 165lbs to 153lbs #timeandpatience #gymlife #eatclean #gymrat #delication #fastedcardioonlyontheweekends #cheatdaysonlyonsundays
Happy to my day one, best friendships last forvever we've been tighter than ever since we were in high school. Now we're all grown and I never get tired of making memories with you. Thanks for having my back for the past 9 years and I hope our friendship will never be broken stay true love you no homo tho lol stay true and see you tonight #Morelife @abdu_ali_14
#Repost @aaguzzi with @repostapp ・・・ Hit a back workout tonight @leonardo_mingano ! _ When Leonard started with me he was at 15% bodyfat and is now down to 8%! On top of that, with hard work in the gym and sticking to his diet he as also added a good 9 pounds of muscle! _ Leonard works a full time job, a part time job and is taking is real estate course to jump start his new career! This is a prime example of hard work in and out of the gym, i mean look at those abs!! #TeamGFit #mabba #popeyeswinnipeg
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