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Sunday feels with these two beauties!! How can your heart not melt? How?!! 😩😍❤️ @monicabrown @laiyahbrown @toyaandtommi
✨She’s a bright light ✨Madison ♥️ *My husband is driving btw*
Help me wish my mommy HAPPY BURFDAY!!!! Mommy, I love you with all of my heart. You are a woman of God who exudes class & grace. Thank you for showing me what true agape love is. I can’t wait to have the bond you have with me & @g_luck with my children one day. I’m so excited to make you a grandma 😂😂 my little one is gonna learn so much from you & I know they’re gonna admire you the way I do 🤗 I wanna wish you the happiest of Burfdays & I hope you know how much I appreciate you & love you with all of my heart! 😘♥️ @pamluckett
Just out here bumpin around 🤰🏽♥️ #otrii #Arlington
Love. ♥️
Happy Burfday bro!!!!! Thank you for showing the world how to live your best life out loud!! I pray that God gives you many more years to conquer more fears. More time to travel & experience every corner of the world. More weeks to send your wife flowers “just because” & more days to wake up to the sweet voices of your children saying “I love you daddy”. May God continue to bless you & give you all the desires of your heart in peace & grace. ❤️ @ludacris Ps: I haaaddddd to post that pic stich I put together!! 🤣🤣🤣 This Burfday trip has given me the giggles since day one! I admire how you do the unexpected & you’re not afraid to live outside the box
Brought my hubby [+ plus one 🤰🏽] along with me on my visit to @FleshSkinStudio to see my girl @JewelSkinTherapist for my Age-Defying Facial.🙌🏽 I’ve been battling acne for year & I found a product that WORKS! (Please refer to before & after pics ). I’ve been asked what products I used along with #Ultimateskinspasystem WELP, here it is! It was also time to re-up on some of my favorite #Jewelrecommended products at Flesh- Organic Burdock Root Soap and Astringent, SeSDerma Kojicol Plus Gel and  Cit-Vit Radiance Fluid. This regimen is great if you want to get rid of dark spots and give your skin THAT GLOW✨ Get these products and more at fleshskinstudio.com/shop and use my special coupon code: LOVEFLESH20 to receive 20% off your order until September 16th!
Rochelle is BIG mad!! Make sure to check out Greenleaf Wednesdays at 10/9c #RochelleCross
Family outing ❤️ #ludadayweekend
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