Scott Disick

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The lord is back
That’s my girl
Another day another dollar
Two classics, and a Rolls...#artshopping @DrGhavami
Vacation complete! Love u family
Diamonds are THE LORD's best friend!!!!! I've stacked up a pretty nice collection here, but one thing is for sure I would never buy anything but real diamonds. There are companies out there now talking about cultured or cultivated or above ground diamonds. AYFKM?  Seriously, What person in their right mind would buy ANYTHING BUT THE REAL THING? I think it's an ass-backward move if you do because they HAVE ZERO VALUE, and how could you walk around wearing something FAKE? Trust me on this one, if you are buying diamonds for yourself or someone else make sure that they were not grown in a FACTORY or anything like that, make sure they are the real deal. #GetReal
St Barts I love
My life
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