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Liverpool Fan Page ❤️ @virgilvandijk @mosalah Born a Red, Live a Red, Die a Red⚽️🤞🏼

OMG!! 4-0 TO THE REDS!! MO HAS GOT A HATRICK🤩👏🏼 ONE PROUD LIVERPOOL FAN❤️❤️ @alexoxchambo_21 @actionatanfield @_this_is_anfield @__liverpoolfans @lfcgoalsnow @sadio.manefp @k8ita @king.of.the.kop @alexoxchamberrlain @mightyreds77
3-0 to the Reds with 20 minutes to go!! 2 goals off mo and the other an OGGY❤️🤩 @sadio.manefp @king.of.the.kop @mightyreds77 @k8ita @lfcgoalsnow @alexoxchamberrlain @__liverpoolfans @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @alexoxchambo_21
Match day Reds🔴 Liverpool take on Bournemouth at 12:30!! If we win this we go straight to the top of the table 🤩👏🏼🤣❤️ @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @king.of.the.kop @lfcgoalsnow @alexoxchambo_21 @k8ita @alexoxchamberrlain
Joe Gomez will be out for 6 weeks due to a leg injury he picked up last night against Burnley! Get well soon Joe❤️⚽️ @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @sadio.manefp @king.of.the.kop @mightyreds77 @__liverpoolfans @lfcgoalsnow @k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain
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