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📆- 14.1.18 ⚽️- Fan account for the best team in the world ❤️- Red till I die ~@mosalah ~ ❤️⚽️ YNWA💪🏼 Born a red, Live a red, Die a red ⚡️

Gini and Virgil took part in the Netherlands 3-0 win over the weekend! Virgil scores in the 30th minute and Gini scored in the 93rd minute! Well done boys ❤️🤩 @__liverpoolfans @actionatanfield @_this_is_anfield @alexoxchamberrlain @alexoxchambo_21 @k8ita @mightyreds77 @king.of.the.kop @sadio.manefp
Captain of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤️ @sadio.manefp @king.of.the.kop @mightyreds77 @alexoxchambo_21 @k8ita @alexoxchamberrlain @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans
What a goal from Mo👏🏼 Scored directly from a corner last night for Egypt! Unfortunately he was later injured💔 However, reports from ye Egyptian coaching staff have said they believe he has suffered a muscular injury. Hany Ramzy ( the coaching staff member) has said that it’s nothing to worry about and Mo should be able to play the next Liverpool game!❤️🤞🏽 @__liverpoolfans @actionatanfield @_this_is_anfield @alexoxchamberrlain @k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @mightyreds77 @king.of.the.kop @sadio.manefp
Full time at Anfield with the match ending 0-0. The first goal was draw against City since 1986. Van Dijk gave City a penalty in the 85th minute but luckily they missed. We missed a few chances but still played very well. UP THE REDS ❤️👊🏽🔴 @sadio.manefp @king.of.the.kop @mightyreds77 @k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans
Half time at Anfield with the first half ending 0-0. Good play by the reds, definitely the better team. Hopefully we get a goal in the second half!! ❤️🔴 @sadio.manefp @king.of.the.kop @mightyreds77 @k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans
Quite a different line up today! Still a strong team though!! COME ON REDS❤️👊🏽 @sadio.manefp @king.of.the.kop @mightyreds77 @k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans
Match day Reds! We play City at home with K.O at 4:30❤️🔴 COME ON REDS👊🏽 @__liverpoolfans @actionatanfield @_this_is_anfield @alexoxchamberrlain @alexoxchambo_21 @k8ita @mightyreds77 @king.of.the.kop @sadio.manefp
Happy Birthday to our Scouser 🔴✌🏽 Hopefully we get the win for your birthday 😂 @trentarnold98 @trentarnold98 @trentarnold98 @sadio.manefp @king.of.the.kop @mightyreds77 @k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans
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