Liverpool Fan Account ❤️⚽️💥

📆- 14.1.18 ⚽️ 🚺- Account ran by a girl👊🏽 🔴- We are the best supporters in the world 🔥 😍- Salah is my hero 🤴🏽 ❤️- Loyal supporter⚽️ Red till I die 😘

Come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️⚽️ Good luck Hendo and the rest! ⚽️💥 @sadiomane19 @dylan_bassett_the_little_kid @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlainn @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
England play Panama at 13:00! If we win we will secure into the round of 16! Do you think we can do it? ❤️⚽️ @sadiomane19 @dylan_bassett_the_little_kid @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlainn @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
Day 26 ~ Idol in crutches.... I can’t find a picture of him on crutches so I’m just going to bless you with this video of him and Dejan interviewing each other 😍⚽️😂 @sadiomane19 @dylan_bassett_the_little_kid @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlainn @_this_is_anfield @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
(Last picture is my favourie😂) Happy birthday Loris. Sorry it’s late(ish). I hope you have a good day because you deserve it. You’ve been a brill goalkeeper for us all season. Thank you for everything! ❤️⚽️🧤 @sadiomane19 @dylan_bassett_the_little_kid @alexoxchambo_21 @actionatanfield @alexoxchamberrlain @liverpool_since_1892 @__liverpoolfans @_this_is_anfield
Wow. What a difference this guy has made over the past few months! He’s become solid in defence and is outstanding at the minute. Keep up the good work mate ❤️💪🏼⚽️ @__liverpoolfans @_this_is_anfield @liverpool_since_1892 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @alexoxchambo_21 @dylan_bassett_the_little_kid @sadiomane19
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