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📆- 14.1.18 ⚽️- Fan account for the best team in the world ❤️- Red till I die ~@mosalah ~ ❤️⚽️ YNWA💪🏼 Born a red, Live a red, Die a red ⚡️

Full Time- 4-0 to the reds! What a first match. So proud of the lads❤️ Absolutely outstanding performance from everyone! The fact Sturridge came on and after like 10 seconds he scores ❤️❤️ This season is defo ours 😁🔴 @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
Half time:2-0 to Liverpool! Goals coming from Salah and Mané 👏🏼🔴 Let’s keep up the good work in the second half boys. ❤️ @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
The line-up for today’s game!! 🔴👍🏼😁 I’m so excited!! ❤️⚽️ @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @alexoxchambo_21 @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchamberrlain @liverpool_since_1892 @__liverpoolfans @actionatanfield
The Premier League is back for the reds. Liverpool play West Ham at 13:30. Our first PL game is at Anfield 🔴😁 UP THE REDS🔴👍🏼 YNWA❤️❤️ @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
Danny Ings has joined Southampton on a yearlong loan! After the season has finished, the deal will be made permanent😭. Unfortunately for Danny, his time at Anfield wasn’t the best😢 Good luck Danny, you will be missed ❤️ YNWA✊🏽 @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
OMG THE PREMIER LEAGUE IS FINALLY BACK!!! Liverpool play the Hammers tomorrow at 13:30 and we’re playing at Anfield 😊❤️ YNWA🎼😍🔴 @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892 @liverpool_since_1892
Allison Becker will be wearing the No.13 shirt and Fabinho will be wearing the No.3 shirt 🤩❤️ @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @__liverpoolfans @actionatanfield @liverpool_since_1892
Perfect 😍👍🏼🤩 NK8😍BF9 🤩SM10 😍MS11 🤩 @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892 Pictures credit from @liamlfc5
Omg 😍😍😭😭 My heart just burst 😍😍 This bromance though 😍🤩 @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
“ JURGEN KLOPP KLOPP KLOPP WILL TAKE US TO THE TOP TOP TOP” 🔴✊🏽🤩 @_this_is_anfield @sadio.manefp @mightyreds77 @lfc.k8ita @alexoxchambo_21 @alexoxchamberrlain @actionatanfield @__liverpoolfans @liverpool_since_1892
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