@LFTD.Lifestyle A LFTD WARRIOR is an individual who is strong enough to work on their own weaknesses while lifting up others. BECOME A LFTD WARRIOR👇🏼

Welcome everyone who has joined my new Warrior Programs! Our goal is simple: process every day while lifting up others. Over time, a little progress each day adds up to big results. Keep Fighting 👊🏼
If no one believes in you, believe in yourself. ✖️ If results don’t come right away, keep showing up. ✖️ If no one invests in you, invest in yourself. ✖️ The results will never come if you quit. ✖️ Keep showing up. ✖️ Winners don’t quit, they keep showing up no matter what.
Fear will not stop us. ✖️ It will not control us. ✖️ We will face our fears head on. ✖️ We will take control.
Stop asking “Why me?” and starting asking “Why not me?!” ✖️ Stop being the victim and become the Hunter. ✖️ Don’t wait for the fight to come to you. Go to the fight.
Never limit yourself. ✖️ We’re capable of amazing things when we set our minds to it and believe in ourselves. ✖️ Dream BIG.
What or who will push you enough for you to finally become who you need to become to get done what you need to get done? ✖️ What will bring the lion out of you? ✖️ What will make you get back up stronger every time you get knocked down? ✖️ What will make you work harder when things get difficult? ✖️ What will fuel you to push yourself farther than you ever have before? ✖️ What will make you continue to fight when you feel like quitting? ✖️ Find it, and use it to become the version of you that you’ve always known you’re supposed to be.
It all starts & ends with our minds. ✖️ Low self-esteem or self-image is a result of how we let our minds think about ourselves. ✖️ A negative attitude or outlook on life is a result of a negative mental perspective. ✖️ Procrastination, doubt, & quitting when things get difficult is the result of a weak mindset. ✖️ Jealousy, hate, & judgement come from a insecure, hurt mindset. ✖️ Stubbornness, bigotry, & long term resentment comes from a closed mindset. ✖️ Notice that all of these things come from a “mindset” & a mindset can be changed. It can be transformed. And with practice, it can become extremely powerful and life changing. ✖️ If you’re struggling with low self-esteem or self-image, stop letting your mind dwell on your weaknesses, and instead practice thinking positively about yourself. Work on your weaknesses and take pride in the fact that you’re doing something about it. Progress is progress, & it’s something to feel good about. ✖️ If you view life negatively, practice gratitude. Reflect on the things about life that you can be thankful for. It’s much harder to be negative when you’re thinking about why you should be thankful. ✖️ If you’re a procrastinator or a habitual quitter, it’s often because of a lack of motivation paired with low mental toughness. Mostly we hear about quitting a bad habit, but quitting can be a bad habit in itself. Find your why. What or who in your life is worth fighting for? What can you think about to motivate you when you don’t feel like fighting and you want to give up? Find your why & use it every time you need it. Mental strength comes from practice, & unfortunately practice means going through hard situations & not giving up. Over time it will start to get easier, and you will feel good about not being a quitter. A strong mind is what keeps the body going when it wants to give up. Mental strength is our power. Practice it, build it, use it. ✖️ Jealously, hate, judgement, & bigotry is a waste. It will never make us feel better or improve our situation. Instead, practice humility and compassion. It’s hard to hate or be jealous of someone when we are showing them compassion. ✖️ A strong mind builds a strong life.
Because if you don't, someone else will. ✖️ Make up your mind, I'm going for it, and I'm not going to turn back, I will not retreat. ✖️ You're only a failure if you give up.
What are you willing to sacrifice? ✖️ How far are you willing to push yourself? ✖️ What are you willing to go through? ✖️ When you say you want something, ask yourself these questions. Then decide how bad you really want it.
Set goals & appreciate the journey. ✖️ We learn the most from the struggles that we go through on the path to our goals. ✖️ Enjoy the prize but crave the hunt. ✖️ Enjoy the results but crave the journey.
When do we learn the most about ourselves? ✖️ When we are tested. ✖️ We'll never know what we are truly made of until we are put to the test. ✖️ Never be ashamed of the scars that come from being tested. ✖️ Our scars are a reminder that we made it through. ✖️ We didn't quit. ✖️ We didn't give up. ✖️ And we're still here, Fighting forward. ✖️ Our scars are our story. They're our proof that we've been through hard times and made it through. ✖️ Next time hardship comes knocking at your door, remember, you can handle it. ✖️ It's just another test, another opportunity to get stronger.
What does the best version of yourself look like? ✖️ What is the best version of yourself capable of? ✖️ There's only 1 way to find out. ✖️ Become passionately obsessed with greatness and start living a life focused on being the best version of yourself possible. ✖️ Push yourself. Test yourself. ✖️ Only then, will you truly know what you are capable of.
If it's a priority, we make time for it. ✖️ We must constantly be taking inventory of ourselves and how we spend our time. ✖️ How we spend our time is the true reflection of our priorities. ✖️ We may be saying we're "grinding" or giving our all, but when we really take a close look at how we're spending our time, the results show differently. ✖️ Take inventory how you spend your time. ✖️ What pointless activities can you cut out and replace with productive time to get you closer to your goals?
Action produces Results. ✖️ Results speak for themselves. ✖️ Stop talking. Start doing.
Today is a new day, a new week, & we're at the beginning of a new month. Let's focus on what's in front of us and put in the work so our future selves will thank us. ✖️ Let the past be the past. It happened, it's over. Today is a new day and a new opportunity to start being the person we've always wanted to be.
Never be afraid to walk your path to greatness alone. ✖️ You're not always going to have someone telling you you're going to make it or that they believe in you. ✖️ Sometimes you just have to tell yourself. ✖️ You must believe in yourself even when others don't. ✖️ You must believe in yourself even when it doesn't seem like there's a reason to still believe. ✖️ There's a winner & a loser inside each of us, battling to control our minds. ✖️ The loser wants us to believe we are losers, we can't win, we should give up. ✖️ The winner tells us to keep pushing forward, keep fighting, never to give up. ✖️ We all get to choose which one we're going to listen to. ✖️ Listen to the winner, believe in yourself no matter what, and nothing will be able to stop you.
Stop complaining. ✖️ Stop feeling sorry for yourself. ✖️ Stop blaming everyone else. ✖️ Take ownership of your problems, and then take ownership of the solution to your problems. ✖️ It's on you to make a change. ✖️ You have to make it happen. ✖️ You have to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to reach your goals, to become you who want to be. ✖️ Take ownership of your future, and start walking the path to where you want to be.
No explanation necessary. Do the Work.
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