Lewis Hackett

I’m a Brit living in Richmond, VA

An afternoon with old harry
I was hoping for an old VW camper to roll around this corner but I guess I’ll have to settle for a VW Golf
Exploring one of England’s prettiest villages
Exploring Britain’s most famous door from above
Watching the light fall over the castle
Nothing like a stroll through London on a rainy day
Feels good to be home
Oregon Classics! I love the mossy frames of PNW waterfalls
Highland homes
A lake in the front and a forest in the back. Not a bad little nook
Richmond series: I wanted to do something different and showcase a few photos from my city. It’s a small but mighty city with tons of charm and character. Whether you’re a history nut (this is the town where Patrick Henry gave his proverbial middle finger to the British in his “give me liberty of give death” speech), love the outdoors (it’s the only city in America with class IV rapids) or a beer connoisseur there’s plenty to take in. Bon Appetit magazine recently wrote an article titled “where to eat in Richmond, America’s next great restaurant obsessed town.” If you’re ever coming through, feel free to message me for recommendations. The photos in this series are of the following: 1. An ivy covered town house in The Fan 2. The Atlantic Coastline Railway Bridge via the James River 3. Libby Hill Park and the Lucky Strike Factory 4. Monument avenue from above 5. The Carillon framed in magnolias
Driving around Switzerland was an absolute dream
Forest greens and pastel coloured skies
East Coast gems
Taking in the Glencoe valley
Thinking back to a wild spring in the Dolomites
In a few weeks, the blue ridge mountains will be green again and I can’t wait! See if you can spot the little kayak down below
Dark skies over coastal Maine
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