Lauren Hawthorne Alexander

🎶Just because I lost it doesn’t mean I want it back 🎶

And just like that, she’s 1/4 of a year old 😭😍🦁
Happy 3rd Birthday Lucy Lu! 🎉 your life has been turned upside down, but we are so proud of how you’ve adjusted. Enjoy all the people food your Dad is going to spoil you with today!! 🐶 🍔
Donna Vivian meets Vivian Anais 💕
When someone asks if you want ice cream with your pie tomorrow🍦 Happy Thanksgiving from Viv! #alwayssaveroomforicecream #anotheralexander
Dishes (& pump parts) magically get cleaned. Laundry disappears. Diaper blow outs are managed. Crying babies are soothed. Mom gets to nap. Life is so much better when Honey is around. Happy birthday @plhawthorne , we love you SO much and couldn’t survive without you 💓
V’s due date was the day of the Falcons Steelers game. Her fandom fate was sealed with the Steelers’ victory & this onesie from Aunt Kitty! #blackandyellow #businessisboomin
It’s a big day for the Alexander girls. Viv is 4 weeks old today & Mom showered & is wearing makeup & a button fly 😂 #milestones
There was a time we weren’t sleep deprived and covered in breast milk and (..mostly my) tears 🤷🏻‍♀️, and man we made it look good! Life may look different these days, but it is so sweet 💓 happy two years Adam!
Who’s ready for the weekend? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #VAA #daysix
We are officially a family of 4 👨‍👩‍👧🐶Vivian Anais Alexander 💓 born 10/5 at 5:08am.
Moody last day on Lake Michigan
Pretty soon we’ll be celebrating a different kind of Labor Day 😂👶 #35weeks #lastvacation
Relaxing #puremichigan style 💙💚
Baby A is going to have so many wonderful aunties 💓 we were showered with so much love today! #33weeks #babygirlA #lotsofbabysitters 😂
Happy birthday to the guy who makes banana shirts look good 🍌😍 35 is going to be a big year, I can’t wait to watch you kick it’s ass! 💪🏻 #uhohbananashirt
The sweetest cookies I’ve ever seen for Baby Girl A 💓
HHI evening storm rolling in 🌧
Family Fourth 🎇 🍔 🇺🇸
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