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whats mine is yours , whats yours is yours
you can miss people but you don’t have to want them back . you can forgive people but you don’t have to give them second chances
expect sadness like you expect rain , both cleanse you
u can’t sit with us jk
I, you don't need, need to ever write I read your last message at least a thousand times Why would you ever listen to people tryna hate on you At least you know there's nothing new Stop everything you're doing now Cause baby, you're awesome So awesome You look too good to be at work You feel too good to ever hurt I hope you're ready for tonight I'm gon' cook, you'll be dessert You can't be still I gotta move, I gotta dance I gotta live, I gotta love I gotta hope, I got a chance Cause baby, you're awesome
love $ick
i know more than i say,think more than i speak and notice more than you realize
so you can match your shoes with your shirt but not your words with your actions?
„destiny is for‘s a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen „ -blair waldorf
Doesn't make sense now Shit just got real, things are getting intense now I hear you talkin' 'bout we a lot, oh, you speak French now? Giving me the signs so I gotta take a hint now I hit you up like "Do you wanna hang right now?" On the East Side and you know I'm with the gang right now You say do I own a watch, do I know what time it is right now It's after 2AM and that's asking a lot of you right now
not friends , not enemies , just strangers with memories
no more putting „lol“at the end of my statements in 2018 ,i said what i said.
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2018 is gonna be whatever
nyc war kalt asf
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