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Climbed a mountain with the oldies this morning and came across a rattlesnake after telling my brother there were no rattlesnakes in this area! Ha!
Just a couple guys with feelings and emotions...and really really cool shorts.
#InvestInThePlanet @acciona Visit the link in my bio. #Repost @acciona ・・・ ¿Y si la decisión más inteligente fuera invertir en el planeta? 🌎 #InvierteEnElPlaneta What if the smartest decision was to invest in the planet? 🌎 #InvestInThePlanet
Great investments are not just ones that happen on the stock market. Each and every one of us still has time to invest in and save our planet from the effects of climate change. Take a step forward with me and #InvestInThePlanet . @acciona
Thank you @mr.k_tats love your work man.
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Our dog Tani earned the nickname “little brown nightmare” I love her but good god can she boil my blood.
Happy St. Patrick’s day Ireland! Thanks for letting all of us celebrate it with u!! My grandma was Irish and I couldn’t be prouder. Light it up!
“Shhh she’s sleeping”
Just because #DundeeMovie wasn’t a real movie doesn’t mean Wes Windsong wasn’t a real person. He’s very real. And he loves Australia. #DundeeTourismAd #SeeAustralia #whales @australia
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