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Cleveland will rock even more today...with @rickybyrd #michaeldesbarres #paulill @paulillmusic @mdesbarres
Hey Cleveland! Come check us out on Saturday! @rickybyrd @rockhall
Hello Lancaster, PA! @lordsof52ndstreet
Happy Fourth of July! @lordsof52ndstreet in Letitz, PA, USA 🇺🇸
SCROLL ⬆️ @springsteen ‘s words as his show last night, before playing ‘the ghost of tom joad’
Just donated to The Florence Fund in my youngest daughter’s name. I can barely think about what these families are going through without losing my mind. Call, Protest, Donate. @cupofjo posted an article that helped me understand what’s happening/where to donate. What are you going to say you did to end this horror? REAL PHOTO: @jbmoorephoto #theflorenceproject #keepfamiliestogether #gettyimages
My Seaford HS reunion badge, June 9, 2018 - class of ‘68.
Who would have thought...50 years later I’d be here...teaching them? Thanks, Seaford HS, was a blast today! Square pegs have a place in the world, and we all amount to something. @seafordhspride
Today I’m heading back to my alma mater - Seaford HS. I’ve been invited to speak to the students - have not walked the halls in 50 years...really psyched to do this!
Thank you for making this the best country in the world. 🇺🇸
Great day with Phil and Obie O’Brien - total blast. @philx1111
Hanging with @philx1111 making some music. #philx #bonjovi
Great night - laughs the entire time - with @bkanna #martinshortbeacon #stevemartinbeacon #amyschumer
@theslimkings gigs. See you there.
Just watched the WLIR doc on @showtime - ALL HAIL Denis McNamara! #wlir @dtbdmovie
With the one and only @sarzo.rudy in Miami today!
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