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We’re thrilled to announce the 2018 #AdobeRisingStars , a diverse group of photographers from all over the globe!

Photo by @elialocardi || Hi everyone, it’s @elialocardi and @naomilocardi here, and we will be taking over the #Lightroom Instagram for the next two weeks. Since 2009, we have been traveling the world together, exploring more than 65 countries, and capturing the beauty of this amazing planet. We hope you enjoy the takeover! • This photo was taken at Mt. Bromo in Indonesia. I watched the stars dance above this extraordinary landscape, and it felt like I had been staring at some strange, yet fascinating alien world. There are only a handful of places on our beautiful planet that I consider to be as otherworldly as here. There are even fewer places that can impose such a profound sense of awe and wonder – here, the simple act of seeing is just enough to satisfy an explorer’s wild curiosity.
Photo by @nickhanson for #BeBoundless || This photograph is from one of my most memorable days in the mountains. Surrounded by fresh snow, it was an incredible day adventuring across new areas of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. I think what made it so special was that I got to explore new lakes with a good friend of mine.
Photo by @kate_miles_ for #BeBoundless || The Faroe Islands experience some fairly wild weather. Rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind, and sunshine can all occur in the span of ten minutes – and I decided a ten-day solo trip was a good idea in November! So when I hiked out to Sørvágsvatn, the famous lake by the sea, it was hardly a surprise to see a storm headed my way. I had just enough time to take a few shots before packing up my gear and hunkering down to wait out the storm. • There is nothing like sitting on the soggy ground alone in a storm to make you feel isolated and very far away from home. I'm glad I waited it out though. The light after the storm was magical. I found this view from the cliffs as I made my way back down. When I returned home to Australia, I found out that lonely moment wasn't as lonely as I thought it was. I was one month pregnant with my now three-month-old baby boy.
Photo by @sergeymuzlov for #BeBoundless || I had never been to Asia before, but this was a really great place to start my trip. Journeying from Nuwara Eliya to Ella in Sri Lanka was one of the best train rides of my life. The train goes through Sri Lanka’s hill country and winds through the tea plantations. It passes in and out of the many mountain tunnels, eucalyptus forests, and nearby villages to reach the town of Ella. • The whole way there, the doors and windows of the carriage were open, so I was able to enjoy all the surrounding beauty. Sitting at the entrance to the wagon, I captured many wonderful photos that will remind me of this awesome trip for the rest of my life.
Photo by @kegansovay for #BeBoundless || This photograph was taken on my trip to Iceland earlier this year. On our last day, we were exploring a peninsula north of Reykjavik. We stopped at this small village and spotted this house sitting right on the cliffs by the water. It was sitting all by itself, and it looked so majestic with Iceland’s incredible landscape surrounding it! It’s exactly the kind of place I would want to live.
Photo by @roundtheworldgirl || My style is constantly developing as I continue to learn more about photography and editing, but I’ve always been attracted to rich, warm, earthy colors and try to focus on bringing those out no matter the environment I find myself in. • Swipe left to see the “before” of this image, edited with Elise’s “Utah Red” preset. You can get six of her presets, and learn more about her personal photography style, at the link in our bio.
Photo by @d.leong for #AdobeRisingStars || Sometimes, the best photos come about by accident. This location is actually a common one and very popular with photographers, but that part is not shown in this photo. I had told my friend to wear something simple, and I am always on the lookout for complementary/matching patterns, so these particular colors on the ground caught my eye. It was a big coincidence, but that’s part of the fun. This photo was shot with my phone.
Photo by @d.leong for #AdobeRisingStars || Some of my favorite memories from the past few years have been the times in which a group of fellow photographer friends and I have taken a short drive somewhere to catch the sunset. We are always at the mercy of the weather, but this day was incredible because we got to experience both low fog and fire colors. A tip for anyone else seeking to shoot sunsets: the best colors are revealed after the sun has dipped below the horizon.
Photo by @d.leong for #AdobeRisingStars || Don’t let your dreams be memes. For a long time, I had wanted to make it to this place and take a photo like this. To me, it represented adventure and thrill. However, getting here was not easy. It required advanced logistical planning and expensive international travel costs. Plus, even being in this spot at the right time required getting up at an ungodly hour and waiting in the cold. Rather than going through all of that hassle, I could have set this idea on the back-burner and focused on easier goals. However, I knew that I wanted this, so I did everything necessary to get it. Given enough time and dedication, almost any goal you set is attainable. Don’t give up on your dreams!
Photo by @d.leong  for #AdobeRisingStars || I love when I’m able to work with a minimal landscape – essentially a blank canvas. Less is often more. That was certainly the case in this incredible desert, in which any footprints we left were soon covered by windblown sand. This was shot with my phone as well.
Photo by @d.leong for #AdobeRisingStars || My name is David Leøng, and I’m excited to share some moments with you this week during my #AdobeRisingStars takeover! I took this photo with my iPhone and a wide-angle lens attachment. I didn’t have a concept in mind at the time, so it was just a fleeting moment. • However, the photo was very well-received once I published it. People would tell me what immediately came to mind for them when looking at this image. The most common reaction was often something along the lines of “This looks like the dance scene from Anastasia!” • I had never watched the movie before, but after constantly hearing about it, I looked up the clip online and could definitely see the similarities. This just goes to show that often the stories don’t get created until after the photo is taken.
Photo by @mekdeezy for #AdobeRisingStars || This is one of the many khanga shops in Zanzibar. The layers of prints that adorn the women's bodies gave me a kind of joy that allowed me to walk taller. I hope my photos remind you of the beauty in the ordinary, as well as what should be ordinarily beautiful. Thank you again for joining me this week as part of #AdobeRisingStars !
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