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Fav coils ❤️❤️ Such a good hit from these, super easy to build with!!
Have you tried the new punk riot range? This eliquid is legitimately one of my faves ever!!
Nose clouds ❤️
Happy Monday all! @tundra_juice_uk is sweetening up my Monday morning!! Get yours from @alectrofag
Loving these dark nights, cold weather and pom poms hats :D Need to find some nice flavours for this cold weather though!! What's your winter favs?
Good morning, been up for hours already! Feeling sub-lime today. Time to start packing up this house!! @riot.squad.eliquid helping me through
Got my build on this morning!! Love these little beauties!!
Happy Monday all! Which mod you using today??
Bring on Friday! What a week. Totally obsessed with irn bru!! What's your fav riot squad flavour?
Have you tried @vapedinnerlady berry tart? Its so damn good!! Get yours from @alectrofag
Irn bru on this cold evening is the absolute one!!
Snow in October!? 😨 What a cold day! Totally adore love bite, kept me company on my very wet trip into York!
So succulent and sweet! Horny strawberry really hits the spot
Enjoying one of my long time favourites today! @sixlicks love bite
Tiffany Tuesdays! How beautiful is this little device! This is definitely my fav colour too
Wet and miserable Mondays calls for @riot.squad.eliquid in my vgod pro mech 2 ❤️❤️
Horny strawberry on the go today!! Such a sweet and bold flavour!! I love it! Get yours from @alectrofag and use the code in my bio for 10% off ❤️🍓
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