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Morning guys! What's everyone vaping on today? Got me some berry tart by @vapedinnerlady Get yours from @alectrofag ❤️💙
So trying this new e-liquid! I have such a sweet tooth, and it is absolutely delicious! 🍓 Get yours from @alectrofag and use the code in my bio for 10% off
Strawberry scream Sundays ❤️🍓
So I've just got my paws on this absolutely amazing new line from @riot.squad.eliquid and oh my god they are amazing!! Using raspberry grenade! A mix of raspberry and lemonade. ❤️❤️❤️
Totally addictive!! Loving @juicenpower blue raspberry milkshake. ❤️
Indulge in yourself! Hit the sweet spot 💋❤️
Totally in love with the sweet rich chocolate cream hazelnut flavour by @vapenakedfish . Get yours from @alectrofag and use the code in my bio for 10% off ❤️💋
Had a fabulously relaxing week off work! Back to the grind tomorrow. However, vaping on some delicious cola cooler this evening. Such a sweet flavour, just like my childhood this one.
What a busy day! Had my little blue side kick with me 💙
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Illusion - The Prophet Get yours at @alectrofag and use the code in my bio for 10% off
Zesty and refreshing ❤️❤️ sub-lime
Totally divulging in the brilliant flavours of @juicenpower surge tonight!!
Pink grenade is such an amazing flavour! I always have a bottle stashed in my bag!!
Smooth,sweet and delicious. Got so much love for strawberry scream 🍓
Choo Choo!!!
Feeling trifle-y good!! 😂😂 . Love this liquid. Get yours from @alectrofag
Goooood Morning!! Back to work after the fabulous bank holiday weekend! Feeling fresh! Taking tropical fury with me, trying to hold into those summer feels
I predict a riot 🎵 Strawberry scream! What a flavour!!!
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