Ford Whitefield-brewer

Future cop. I support our first responders. Junior at bayhill high class of 2020

Contra Costa county fire department on scene of a medical emergency. #chiefmiller #whelenwednesday
Fire weather watch continues till tomorrow afternoon as winds kick up tonite and the humidity stays low. @berkeleyfirefighters #chiefmiller
Contra Costa county hazmat response unit. @contracostacountyfire #chiefmiller #whelenwednesday
Berkeley fire department ATV used for off road medicals and special events. #whelenwednesday #chiefmiller @berkeleyfirefighters @chief_miller
East bay hills and Kensington in a red flag warning due to low realative humidity. Be careful we dont need any more fires. #chiefmiller
Richmond, el Cerrito and kensington fire department doing a extrication. @richmond_fire_cali @chief_miller @bayareafirefighter @californiafirefighter #chiefmiller
Richmond, kensington, and el Cerrito fire department working on a auto extrication. @californiafirefighter @chief_miller @bayareafirefighter @richmond_fire_cali #chiefmiller
El Cerrito police department fpiu with code 3s on. #coolcopcars
Richmond fire department truck 64. #chiefmiller #whelenwednesday @richmond_fire_cali
Some of the toys in the hazmat truck. Contra Costa county hazmat health department #chiefmiller
Me and my friend owen in engine 71 el Cerrito fire department. #chiefmiller #whelenwednesday @namiheartsluffy
Kensington police department with code 3s on. #coolcopcars
When you immune to tasers. ­čśéTURN YOUR SOUND ON THO.
My house is on fire but I'm just going to sit here and turn into a burnt chicken nugget #chiefmiller
Albany fire department ambulam. #chiefmiller #whelenwednesday
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