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LIVE😎LAUGH😂LOVE😘 RIP dad🙏 Aquarius♒️ Polynesian dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, FCC cheer🎀1/24/93👑 4"11 & Hazel eyes👀 Mixed🙌 Preview Models📷 Money moves💰

When you & your best friend have fun taking pics before class😄 @itss_roni 💛
Our baby is having a baby 👼💛
Our first heels class w/ @prince_wwiill was fun! I’m definitely going to perfect this lol we’re all sore from dance yesterday🤪 @itss_roni @miz_unique_s @brydomo @c_dyce17 @jeez_austin
Heels class 👠
Seriously the scariest thing I saw! Our backyard literally exploding! Looked so crazy but my grandpa helped put out the fire before the firemen came or else it would’ve been gone but the outcome is better than expected😭🙏☺️
Golddiggers this Friday! Bcz I’m broke AF literally lol
FOLLOWWWWWW!!!!!!! 😍😘 @mynameshoney_ @mynameshoney_ @mynameshoney_
Littttty! 🐶
I’m a Mtha Fkn A$$ hole Bih I’m the $hit! @mike_sherm
My guys 💪🎤🎼🎤👏
Lmao we’re not always serious in the club 🤣😂😅 @itss_roni @fitwithimage
No I’m not being serious right here 🤣😂 I can’t be recorded and be serious I realize 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ @Channingtatum
Omg going through my camera roll and this was our first pic ever together in 2016 🏀🎀😍
Can’t wait to go back to work after 4 months of being sick 💪 #golddiggers #exoticdancers #lilbootiesmatter #longhairdontcare #workthestage #archthatback
How imma look at my future man everyday😏you already know! @gelo
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