SarinaFlores AKA CharismaRoyal

LIVE😎LAUGH😂LOVE😘 RIP dad🙏 Aquarius♒️ Polynesian dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, FCC cheer🎀1/24/93👑 4"11 & Hazel eyes👀 Mixed🙌 Preview Models📷Money moves💰

GOLDDIGGERS tonight & tomorrow! @golddiggersfresno
Why is he so fine👀🙄🤤💛😫😭👀should be a crime that’s ridiculous lol @_trevante_
I’m digging the Libra and Sagittarius then Gemini, mostly Libra honestly👀& the worst matches make so much sense right now💀
Merry Christmas 🎁 Guess what’s in my bag? Did you get all the gifts you wanted?
@switchfresno Throw that ass in a circle 🍑
🤪 I’m crazy so I fit in already! Don’t get tired either with @cayennethepepper @crazygirlsl.a @crazygirlshwood taken by @killemcallie 😍 @thedancerlockerroom
Golddiggers tomorrow through Sunday 😂 I was acting out dumb for @kdub_2k12 lmao 🤣
What 🤣😭🤣
😭💛👼 So glad to be friends with you, since day one we clicked like we’ve always known each other but you got that vibe that everyone loves to be around. So happy we can all be here for this angel to exciting! Love you baby moma..
New song coming out soon by @djkayrich its LITTY but y’all have to wait to actually hear it😁🤙🍑 @revivedanceco
Really missing my mom and sisters..I still have one more sister and brother to meet! I finally got the first time met these 3 beautiful women a month 1/2 ago almost. Long story but I don’t mind telling ppl bits and pieces💛it’s been over a week since I’ve seen them because we’re all so busy now but I definitely love them!!
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