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Before I post my 10 year challenge physically- I reflect mentally, I am incredibly proud of the woman I’ve become since 25 and all I have accomplished through endless hard work. You can’t change the past, but you CAN change your future- I promise you, if I can do it, so can you. Believing in yourself is the first step. Start working hard today to be proud of YOU 10 years from now ❤️
Poor Coconut, I didn’t forget about you I promise I’ll be a better dog-mom. You’ll always be my first born! 🐶 Any other mom’s feel guilty about their dogs after baby 🙈
Caption this..... my favorite caption below will win a giant box of @LillyLashes 👯
New Year, Same B*tch. 💄Hair and Makeup by @allenfared using 3D @LillyLashes in style “NYC” ✨ #GhalichiGlam
3 months old today!
Had myself a merry little Christmas 🎄 Dress by @waltercollection @ryanandwalter #GhalichiGlam
Alara’s first trip to Tahoe ✈️ Where are you spending Christmas?🎄
Who is the baby here taking a nap?
Becoming a Mom has truly shown me how incredible women are. Our bodies are so magical, and our hearts are so giving. I have never been so proud to be a part of anything in my life as I am to be a part of the sisterhood of women ❤️
I can’t believe they let us take her home...
@LillyLashes 💦 Link in my bio #GhalichiGlam
My hunk of a husband.
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