Lilly Ghalichi Mir

Fairy GLAM Mother ✨ Email: 💄 @LillyLashes for the World's Most Glam Lashes 👇🏼Click here for LASHES!

What they don't talk about with pregnancy is the emotional roller coaster you go through and quite often depression, especially after you deliver 💔Remind yourself daily it's a part of the beautiful process, and don't compare yourself to other pregnant women, especially on social smiling like this 👆🏼or with their perfect pregnancy bodies working out 🙈You will be you again, only even better with a little life your love created ❤️ 💄Wearing 3D @LillyLashes in style "Sydney", lip is @kkwbeauty in nude 2 liner and lipstick in nude 1+3 #GhalichiGlam
I wear swimsuit cover ups as clothes now 🤷🏻‍♀️ #6MonthsPregnant #ButILook8Months #GhalichiGlam
My husband said I'm finally starting to dress like a "mom", I'm not sure how to take that 🤔 #GhalichiGlam
🎥Q&A with @leylamilani in her Bugatti 🏎 just went LIVE on my YOUTUBE!! (w/an In-N-Out stop 🙈) ✨Click the link in my bio to watch- she answers all your questions like- ▪️How she met her husband @mannykhoshbin ▪️How she met ME▪️Whether her hair is actually real or extensions 🤔
My man and his drone. Casually building his dream house in his spare time. #HowDidIGetSoLucky #WhatCantHeDo #MyBaby 'sDaddy
🎥 I surprise E!'s "Rich Kids" Star Billionaire @dorothywang with the task of Doing My Makeup 😳 Does she poke my eye out 🙈Link in my bio to watch! My boxers at the end of this teaser tho!! 😂 💄Dorothy uses the new @LillyLashes "Day to Night" Kit designed exclusively by her for #LillyLashes !
PLEASE WATCH THIS AT LEAST TWICE 🐍😂😭 Maybe I'm just pregnant and weird but I laughed so hard the second time I couldn't breathe!! @earthmood @viralglobe @jalals
Our love created life 💕We can't wait to be your parents. 📸Photo by @adamoprisphotography Dress by @waltercollection#GhalichiGlam
I can't believe this was shot underwater 💦 Click the link in my Bio to watch how we shot this! 🎥 Photo by @adamoprisphotography #GhalichiGlam
Creating life ✨Photo by @adamoprisphotography , Dress by @waltercollection #GhalichiGlam
Underwater Maternity Shoot 💦 Photo by @adamoprisphotography 🎥Click the link in my bio to watch a video on how we shot this underwater! 🐬Wearing a full pack of #LillyHair clip in extensions by @bellamihair under the water so I can have mermaid hair!! #GhalichiGlam
🎥My UNDERWATER 💦 Maternity Shoot- now on my Youtube!! ✨Click the link in my profile to watch the full video 🐬 📸Photograhper @adamoprisphotography , dresses by @waltercollection BTS video #GhalichiGlam
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