Lily Christie

there you are!!! :)

Friday evenings in the gym... strengthens the mind more than anything hey... 💆🏻‍♀️
took these pics this morn to self-motivate me to quit actin’ up in the gym, pretending like cardio doesn’t exist, and (maybe) quit eating cookies at midnight :) (but midnight pizza is still fully fine) :)
by ur side. through everything. forever. my angel from day 1.
bali :) miss it
so sundae fundaze was a lot of sour bitchy faces, $11 drinks (#sad ), and boys wearing hats at nighttime (#newy ) :) so here’s pics of one of our besties fucking glowing on her bday Saturday :) we love u Amy! p.s. srsly it’s way cooler to be friendly n kind n fun n open then b sad n sour... u hav way more fun :) #stopbitchinstartlivin lol xx
Newy. *mic drop*.
joy = gladness not based on circumstance :) (when Insta makes u cover ur underboob :( cause u kno, this whole app isn’t filled with soft porn or anything lmao :-) #ad #spon #onlyfans #sUbScRiBe xoxo hehe)
more from yesterday hot air ballooning :) still feels like a dream so excited had to share hehe xx @balloonaloft
magical morning on a hot air balloon :) bucket list tick for sure!
wild monkeys! hiking mt batur last year :)
super casual headband :)