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"You only live once,but if you do it right, once is enough" Photography | Styling Contact: Snapchat: lily_roz

Happy me. Exploring my new surroundings 🌴 #lilyinbali
Colors and textures 🏊‍♂️🌊 // Can’t wait to be settled and to finally take the time to explore this beautiful island.
"Spark a Renaissance ✨// I’m super excited to be part of the @huaweimobilefr #SparkARenaissance challenge and to be able to make you win a Huawei P20 Pro! This week challenge's theme is 'Renaissance'. The task is to reinterpret or recreate a piece of Renaissance art. It could be based around portraits, landscapes and even mythologie. Here’s a tip: while shooting think about playing with colors, shadows and deep contrast. Being on a tropical island this could have been very challenging, but luckily for me, one of my happy place in Bali have the perfect atmosphere and style for this first theme! Now it’s your turn to summit your images. Enter using the link in my bio to have a chance to win. The AI will rate all your photos and I’ll pick the first winer of the #HuaweiP20Pro ! Good luck 😘 #HuaweiNextImage "
This breathtaking morning over Sidemen ✨ #lilyinbali
WE JUST MOVED TO BALI 🌴!!! In 2011, we felt in love with the Island of Gods and told ourselves that one day, we would moved there. Well, yesterday was that day! Those of you who knows me well, know that when I have something in mind it’s impossible for me to let it go! I’d rather fail than not to try. I don’t want to live with any regrets and sometimes you just have to take the plunge. I’ve learned that every incredible life experiences are most of the time scary as it requires you to go out of you comfort zone. But damn! It worth it so much 🙏🏼. It’s the first time since I’ve joined Instagram in 2011 that I’ve been so quiet here. I haven’t been posting anything for so long but life got sooooo crazy with some last minute projects and this big move. We left everything behind, made it to Bali last night and are more than ready for this new island life ! #lilyinbali . ( 📷: @bloggers_boyfriend , edit by me )
Sky art 💥 // Hope you all had a fantastic weekend 😘 #lilyinireland
I really want to thank you all so much for your amazing feedback/comments/love on our Irish stories last week 💛( I almost managed to get back to all of you 😃 ). You guys are seriously the best! I wanted to share this video with a lovely music cover but I thought the sweet morning birds symphony was worth sharing. Have a beautiful evening ✨
When the scenery leaves you speechless ✨// 📷: @_jibraeel_ , edit by me. @tourismireland #wildatlanticway #loveireland
Can you spot the seagull in the photo( I hate seagulls! they are so mean!) ?! Thank you all so so much for the love on my last photo. You guys are the best community ever 💛It means the world to me and made this day even more special 🎂 #fromwherelilystands
Early morning boat ride ✨ We’re back home and I already miss my beautiful Ireland #lilyinireland . Also I can’t believe it’s June already. It’s usually my fav month of the year ( maybe cause it’s my bday month ) but this year it’s a bit different ... time flies by so quick and it didn’t even feel like it’s already June to me. Also this month is about to be very crazy ( and stressful ) for me as some big ( and exciting ) changes are coming. It’s time for a new life’s chapter...
Double cuteness on Saltee Island 💛💜💚. I could have sat all day watching those cuties! I mean how cute are they?! @tourismireland #irelandsancienteast #loveireland
When Ireland is in full bloom 🔥 #lilyinireland
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