Lisanne W. Kuijper

living my life for me. libra. ✨🌸 R.I.P. my angel Ricky👼🏼

look but don’t touch
sum selfies
Little getaway 🎢
HHN you scared the living shit out of me but I did get a cool pic with this pumpkin guy #hhn28
another year of missing you Pake❤️ ik hoop dat je daar goed zit.. ik hou van jou
double celebration with the duo🎉❤️
young and sweet only... 🎉🎊 so thankful to see another year ❤️
Happy happy birthday to you my love, you have changed my life drastically and I would never ask for anything more. You make me the happiest person in the world.. who knew i’d find my better half🎊🎉💕 today is your special day!!! I love you
trust me ur lovely
much needed🌞
Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success✨💕
hair done by the bessstttt 💕💕💕
Happy birthday dadddd💕💕 love you always thanks for being crazy with me
When I reminisce it makes me want to travel back in time and do it all over again.. 🏝💕
a lil selfie
Boat dayy🛥🏝
Live life to the fullest 🌟
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