Lisanne W. Kuijper

living my life for me. libra. ✨🌸 R.I.P. my angel Ricky👼🏼

Goodbye Holland it’s been real... next time i’m here i’ll be back for good🇳🇱❤️
Beautiful day with my beautiful friends!!! after 6 years finally we got to catch up..💕
It’s you. It’s always been you.
exploring with you is my favorite.. 🌿🍂
I heard smiling was good for the soul...
let me take you on a quick ride...
Family and friends are everything. Thank you all for an amazing trip, never a dull moment. I’m so happy you’re all in my life you’re the reason I’m growing everyday. Don’t ever take your family for granted.
some pictures of our adventures today⛰🗺
My last wish of 2018 was spending New Years with my family🎇❤️
Much needed vaca🏝🌞
had to hit my favorite spot with my favorite person🏝
Merry Christmas!🎄❤️
Thankful for everything in my life especially for this one❤️🦃 remember to thank your loved ones for all they do!
look but don’t touch
sum selfies
Little getaway 🎢
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