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Hi, I'm alive. I also escaped the East Coast to vist my land in the West. But now I'm back. And cold. #happiestplaceonearth #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear #Disneyland
Ya know when you visit a vacation country, but it’s actually your parent’s native home so you end up living like the locals instead of touring & going on excursions like everyone else?... Not this time 😎🇲🇽✈️ ▫️ ▫️ Got the worst sunburn in my life, (please don’t forget to always use sunblock like I did 😩) I also haven’t mastered the art of taking pics on memorable events... but I sure do know how to live in the moment ✌🏽 #mexico2018
Muñequita 🎀 #changeisgood
Everything you want is on the other side of fear ⚪️ Take the risk Live Life. #changeisgood
Allow me to reintroduce myself... ⚪️ ⚪️ Pero like, I have THE MOST amazingly talented friends!!! Hair & makeup by beauty goddess @tianareyes_xo Shot by the one and only Batman @dz.cinematics Check them out for all your beauty & cinematic needs because like, I still can’t over these! #changeisgood
Embarrassed to say this shoot has been the only time I’ve been to the beach all summer... Can someone hurry up and invent teleportation so I don’t have to rely on a vehicle to get where I wanna be? Kthanksbye ⚪️ ⚪️ Fit tip: If you want to make your waist look smaller/ hour glass shape, it’s important to work on your back as well, and not just your bottom. Building a wider back and getting those booty gains will help you achieve this. Check out my IG story’s before & after pic for an example.
Sometimes I pretend to be Mexican, Sometimes I pretend to be Puerto Rican, But my favorite thing being is human ॐ #weareallone 🌎 🖱 🖱 📽: @a.linares__ 🎧: @badbunnypr
So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality - Jim Carrey 🌫 🌫 Check out my IGTV for a little update 🙃💕
Life is good... & that’s the way it should be ✨ ⚪️ ⚪️ Life’s all about perspective 🌎 & I’m excited for what’s to come #jointhemovement #vibratehigher
An overwhelming, never-ending, reckless kind of Love 🌱 #BeStill #alliscoming #vibratehigher
Know any of those disgustingly happy cute couples?... Didn’t think I’d end up in one of ‘em 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🍯💘 #sorrynotsorry
Life’s a ride. & on days that are tough physically, emotionally &/or mentally, my practice truly brings me to an unexplainable state of bliss. ⚪️ If the thought of starting a yoga practice has ever come across your mind, please do. You’ll be doing yourself the biggest favor. ⚪️ #yogaforthemindbodyandsoul #jointherevolution #vibratehigher
What if we got it all wrong. What if our purpose is simply to be? To embark this never ending journey of becoming. #BeStill #Alliscoming #ItsARevolution
Looking at the lawman beating up the wrong guy. Oh man, wonder if he’ll ever know he’s on the best selling show. Is there life on Mars? #itswednesday
Without rain... Nothing grows 🌱 #vibratehigher
“Have you ever trusted the universe so much that you just don’t give a fuck?” #realLifegoals Shmoood ☺️ Love & Light 💫💕 #issarevolution #vibratehigher But whea Spring at doe 🤔
Ever had a day where you planned on getting certain things done, but instantly got overwhelmed by looking at clock? Or how bout feeling like your life is a constant battle between deciding to do the things you want to do or the things other people want you to do. Yesterday was one of those days... ⚪️ Whereas the old me would’ve had a full blown anxiety attack, yesterday I decided to opt for my mat the moment I felt symptoms of this old tendency. ⚪️ If I don’t post often, it’s because I’m trying to figure out my life... just like you, but I enjoy sharing the things that have changed my life for the better. Cause who wants to live a life of depression or anxiety? I whole heartily believe mental health is just as important as physical health. ⚪️ I’ve kept every direct message sent to me about questions/advice. Whether it was about fitness or another aspect of life, I’ll be going through them again & doing a Q&A since most of them were asked multiple times. ⚪️ I wanna say thank you again to all the girls who reached out for which ever reason. I’ve decided to stop making excuses & re amp my YouTube so you don’t have to keep reading these long captions/dm responses 😂❤️ ⚪️ So enjoy the rest of this marvelous day 💕 & be sure to keep up with my weirdo insta stories since I’ll most likely announce there when the video is up. But it would mean muchoo to me if you clicked on the bio & subscribed 😇 #littlefitdoll ⚪️ 🔊 LAST BUT NOT LEAST (duhh can’t be a long post w/o my usual p.s 😂) Song is by @livebycg & you should really check them out because this song is dope, you’re dope, & they’re dope, so it just makes sense. Oh & they’re also fellow Rhode Islanders living the Cali dream, so it makes them even more dope... I don’t think I’m allowed to say dope anymore. Kthanksbye ✌🏽💜
So today marks the last day of the #StretchInPublic Yoga Challenge: A picture at your favorite store... ⚪️ I chose a bookstore. Are you surprised? 😂 @cellarstories is seriously my favorite bookstore in town. I always seem to lose track of time whenever I visit. Not to mention how you’re guaranteed killer shot 📸 bc the place is just THAT dope. Don’t believe me? Check out @dz.cinematics last post 👌🏽 ⚪️ On a side note, I had sooo much fun with this challenge! It was nice to be able to combine two of my favorite hobbies. Thanks so much to everyone who reached out in support 😩💜 ya’ll the best 💕
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