Little Mix

The official video for ‘Only You’ with @cheatcodes is out now 💙

We recorded a little acapella for you guys! When we performed this on @thexfactor it felt like the turning point for us so it’s only right give you @envoguemusic 'Don't Let Go' today! #7YearsOfLittleMix
#7YearsOfLittleMix ...What an adventure it's been!! It feels so amazing knowing we’re on this journey together, (yes we're talking about YOU) It feels like a dream that we get to do what we do every day! Oh and yeah, #LM5IsComing 🙌🏽 We love you X the girls 💛
My niece of 7 years once came to me and said she didn’t like her Afro and wanted to look like the other girls in her class and it broke my heart that she didn’t consider what she had as beautiful.. Love your curls, love your Afro.. we need to teach young black girls that it IS just as beautiful ❤️
Growing up I was always insecure about the freckles on my face. Over the last couple of years I’ve started to embrace them and don’t feel I need to hide them anymore. “Embrace your individuality. Love what you love without worrying about judgement” P<3
My rock ❤️ @sairah_pinnock
Hangin out... 🌴 @leighannepinnock
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