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happy feet • happy birthday happy boy @zane !
well, would you look at this smart ass 1. YESSSS, YOUTH. our turnout and turn up these midterms are deemed to be record breaking! that's so sexy of us. i feel so proud. and so sexy. 2. also, we came out these midterms with a W, and that W stands for WOMEN. the estrogen was feeling ESTRONG this election. this is to our history-making, narrative-shaping, winning congresswomen! from the youngest women elected (29 yrs old, WHAT), to the first muslim women, from the first black and latina women (for many states), to the very first native american woman and to our LGBTQ+ women, and men too. i am so proud to see, our representatives look more like me. like us. like the U.S. these many firsts are just the start to even more change. thank you for voting and being the change we're SEEING. 3. thank you for poll dancing with me. finding my voice and casting my ballot was *almost* as fun as watching you all do so too. lucky for us, there's more to come and more work to be done. so, let's stay charged, and make change. ✨ (that's a decent slogan if anyone wants to purchase from me)
We, the people, are the Keys to America... so lock in your vote on November 6th. Blessed to love and learn from these two angels who made a pit stop on Earth... ✨ and in Texas! Click the link in my bio to watch our girls trip, then take YO trip to the polls.
voting is easier than marching -sexy pedro
check out my sexy halloween costume... i'm a registered voter
it's an honor to have won best actor, but it's a blessing to have won best friends. thank you @streamys for the Liza on Demand awards, and for a night that made it into the highlight reel of my life. also, we look delicious and nutritional. i can't wait to keep acting like i love you two... ✨
just looking down at my big sack. I DROPPED MY SACK ON LIZAKOSHY.COM. i'm so excited to release my sack into the world. i've been holding onto my sack for so long, and now you can hold it too. enjoy my sack. oh and i dropped this hoodie too but that's less fun to say for some reason. everybody go have sacks now
it's a rental. thank you @amas for letting this southern belle and her pony on stage. ✨
houston, we have a possum
this is so good, that i'm a little sketched out. thank you to the gifted @killah_tequila for sharing your graphite greatness. ❤️ i had no idea i could look this good.
Thank you America for shaping my story, and thank you America (Ferrera) for sharing it. Look! Ya girl is in a book! And is also in AWE of the teachers, leaders and inspirers in it with her. Such a humbling mix of mixed humans, and such a blessing to share my blended background. Please check out, buy or borrow @americaferrera ’s incredible essay collection, #AmericanLikeMe ! 100% satisfaction and reflection guaranteed.
ow, she's a opera house she's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out
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