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God 1st. Little brown girl with big dreams. Twitter • lizakoshy Snap • lizakoshysnaps WATCH OUR SHOW, LIZA ON DEMAND, for free.99! 👇🏽

Is this telling me to "add to social media?" Which I'm doing. Hello. Or is the man not finished and the sign now says "addicted to social media?" No I'm not... unless addicted means co-dependent. Then yes, I am fine. Also... that's a social ladder.
indian style
Here are our accurate impressions of you and your friends watching Liza on Demand. Spot on right? We know. Watch more of our convincing performances by clicking the link in my bio to watch our show! Words can't explain (...continues using words to explain) how content making this content has made me. I am blessed to have your support, investment, praise, positivity, views, feedback, views, love and views. I can't even begin to tell you (...begins to tell you) how exciting, nerve-wrecking, and inspiring it has been to step out of my comfort zone, and create in this way. Today, July 8, marks my 3rd year on Youtube. It would be insane of me to not blame God for the abundance of blessings and opportunities I've experienced since this journey began. But, I also blame you. It's your fault for encouraging me, inspiring me and motivating me to become the very best me I can be. I am so grateful for your continuous support while I learn, love, create and explore. Thank you from the bottom and entirety of my heart. ❤️ Happy three year anniversary, TO US!
happy cuatro de julio from me, my hot dog, and her buns
anybody else think mirrors are sexy?
God made me small and cheap, so I could save money on bras nip tip: buy bandaids instead. they're not for booboos, they're for boobies
i typed this caption with my toes because dang ma, would you look at those
this is not my way of covering my 5 o'clock shadow
Breaking up is rough. But at least I get to go through it with my best friend. David, you're a constant reminder of what I aspire to be. You're the most genuinely kind person, a loyal, giving friend and a borderline-insane genius of a creator. Thank you for giving me and so many others so much joy and inspiration. The laugh and love they experience for minutes, I'm lucky to have for a lifetime. I'd say I'm excited to see all that your brilliance will achieve, but I'll be there front row to watch it all, so I'll tell you then. Thank you for the best relationship, the best friendship and the best ride to the grocery store to make puns. I love you! I'm coming downstairs now!
couple of benches • is this great photography.. or aesthetic stalking?
breast pocket with no breasts, just EXTRA room in my shirt
little and brown tiny and tan young and tinted mini and mahogany compact and cooked medium-well me
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