Liza Koshy

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shhhh, i just laid down my baby hairs to sleep
windows remind me, that sometimes you can't see, what you about to run into. ouch. i got a boo boo on my forehead. comment down below if you wanna kiss it.
i like every. single. one. of my own instagram posts because that's millennial self lovin', honey
• move bush, get out the way • just me and my lady garden • just a tool in the garden • im a late bloomer • look, it's a budding businesswoman • bushes be crazy • laughing at my bush HELP I HAVE 18 CAPTIONS AND I CAN'T GET UP
you are now here
she's looking left... but i say, she lookin' riiiiiight
just two lil coffees with cream
yo don't freak out but there's a bug on your screen lol this caption doesn't have a punchline... but this pic has a PUNCH BUGGY NO PUNCH BACK BIH
door...a the explora
i squat like this for photos and for public toilets #womanhood #cleanthighs
an icon livin'... an icon chillin'... and im just TRIPPIN'
YO FORGET BILL... it's a LIZABOARD baby! i am so shocked, honored and truly upset i didn't do my eyebrows better. BUT she is more than just a cute face... she represents a beautiful team of insanely talented people who brought joy to me and your screen. to our cast, crew, youtube and YOU... thank you for dedicating your precious time and energy into this labor of love! i can't wait to work with your lovely selves again... JUST MANIFESTING @youtube. and thank you cuties for watching! thank you for your love, support, and lust for another season.. MANIFESTING. so if you're bored (im a board) then click the link in my bio to watch our show now! ❤️ and tag yourself if you were a part of this baby-making! thank you 🙏🏽
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