Liza Koshy


i look lengthy.. but my legs are actually 2 1/2 feet long. those are 30 inch long legs. i really do impress myself with how compact i am. i've slept in a drawer before. and i've woken up in a vase. whats your favorite color? tag a friend below who has a pet
a basket case
just two balls of joy
yes, i only took pics at the store. i didn't buy squat... aisle be back though.
a dairy queen. even though i'm lactose n talented.
stop staring at my jugs
kick her to the curb
found out i could stand on my toes like this, and then sh!t got weird. swipe right.
check out my halloween costume. i'm a wet floor sign. don't slip ooga booga.
got a discount on my pants... 100% off *overcompensating laughter* *asterisks* but my hoodie is 100% fully priced! click the link in bio!
pumpin' it up because it's fall. and i fell... HARD. swipe right to see how gravity works. i jumped for this pic, and as i landed, my entire face flapped downwards. i went from 22 to 84 real quick. no facetune, just face fat. enjoy. happy hallomeme.
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