Louise Jane Tanduyan

movies - aquaholic 🥺

late night memories ✨
love at first sight.
Don't you want a balloon? 🤡
Take me back to the nights where rare great moments are created and the nights I felt alive. ... JADINE CONCERTS (2016) x (2018) ✨
forever be in my heart, (our hearts). ❤
So I'm coming home to you, you... 🎶
not one of them
Leave it all behind me I need to breathe ~
a year ago... miss u @liezylortiz 💗
a part of her was always hidden 🌃
thankyouuu tita 💞
I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are...✨
always dreaming of you..
feel the beat and jump up and down, and stay hydrated like @nadine
two diff outlook 👣
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