Digital media company located in Crown Point, IN. Inquiries? Interested in meeting us? Email: alan@local219.tv #local219 #nwi

Important brews...er...news! We are kicking off an ALL NEW podcast called Brewsiers on July 30th! Join us at 11:30am LIVE right here as we learn everything about the local beer scene, straight from the mouths of the people that make it happen. Our first episode will feature @justin.verburg of @windmillbrewing as they gear up for their 3rd Anniversary. Stay tuned for more information! #drinklocal
Hammond features some of Lake County's most epic and beautiful buildings, each with a story older than most of us. As we continue to tour the Region on our adventures, it's important to us that you see some things in each town that you might never have before. What's your favorite picture of Hammond? Drop it in the comments! Photo credit: @mikekrzyston #nwi #nwindiana #local219 #talklocal #belocal #livenwi #nwisbest #lakecounty #hammond #indiana #photography #photooftheday #pic #picoftheday #community #communityfirst #communitylove #journey #region #theregion
A fresh haircut can change your entire perspective on life. When our friends at @mcflysgentlemenshop offered to let us bring in a few cameras while @verrellkerney cut our leader @alanmyszkowski ’s hair, we couldn't wait to capture the action. Protip: Don't sleep on their Til' Death beer collab with @crownbrewing Brewing. An outstanding beer built by two incredible groups of people.
Delete the phone app, you now have your own meteorologist—meet Matt! His forecasts can be found each and every day on Local 219. Sweet! #local219 #nwi #theregion #regionweather
Tattooer @moonbeard over here at @unitystudiovalpo is a really well rounded artist, he LOVES tattooing floral stuff 🌹 and pop culture. Send us a message or call the Studio to set up a consultation to get started on your next project 🖤
@unitystudiovalpo takeover ✨💜 Tattooer, Studio Co-owner and crispy linework extraordinaire @alien_snot is the one to hit up if you’re looking for bold & bright, black work and dotwork. Stop by any Wednesday or Saturday no appointment necessary to discuss your next idea and get booked - she’s currently booking for the fall 🍂
We were stoked to be at the 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of @crownbrewing ! Huge cheers to the entire team for ten wonderful years of making great craft beer and serving the community. What’s your favorite memory from the last ten years at Crown Brewing? #nwi #nwindiana #beers #beer #beergram #beerstagram #brewing #craftbrewing #craftbrewery #hophead #crownpoint #drinklocal #drinklocalbeer #local219 #belocal #beersofig #community #communityfirst #communitylove #beerme #beerlove #beergeek #beerific #ilovebeer #craftbeerlover #pic #picoftheday
Thank you so much Hoosiers for following along today I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please come see us for our Friday the 13th special and like and follow @arportia (dats me, the dove & the wolf); @piercingsbywill (nwis premier Body piercer); @drawingfrenzy (the skull & the rose); @jocilynnfalco (pikachu & sublime); @daveyd568 (car), & @reyesart_rtd (pennywise). All the best to you and yours, and be sure to wear your sunscreen!😎 #thatsawrap
Good Morning Region Rockstars! My name is Alicia Rosignol (@arportia go like and follow me!) I’m 29 years old, born in Crown Point & raised in Highland (‘007 license to #chill ). Today I’m super excited to let you all follow a day in my life; which just happens to be my first official day as a tattoo artist at @blacklistedtattoo !! Omg u guys are so lucky😎 I have been creating and painting since I was five and I started tattooing in the Spring of 2010 in Las Vegas! Stay tuned as I’m sure I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this and surprises along the way!🖤
Happy Fourth of July from the Local 219 crew! Enjoy the day and be safe 🎇🎆🇺🇸
Hot Shop Valpo signing off with our last post of our Tuesday Takeover. I hope everyone enjoys the videos and pictures of our artwork. This group is focused on our commercial and residential installations oh and the last photo is us hoisting a frosty one to you all. I know many of the followers of this Instagram are beer folks. Yep we make custom mugs too...did someone say mug club? Remember follow Hot Shop Valpo on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks again to Local 219 for the opportunity to spread the word about @hotshopvalpo
Here are some examples of Hot Shop Valpo glass art being made and once completed. Follow us on Instagram @Hot Shop Valpo as well as Facebook/hotshopvalpo You can also see more of our videos on YouTube. Enjoy like as art!
High noon Hot Shop Valpo Instagram takeover! Thanks @local219 for allowing us to take over for the day. Hot Shop Valpo is. Local glass blowing studio creating one of a kind glass art for the home, office, commercial and industrial installations. We also teach classes from beginner to advanced. Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and in person. I'll be posting photos and videos throughout the day.
We had a great time running into people, vendors and friends throughout the day at Pints In The Park last weekend! 🔥🔥🔥 . Special thanks to Jeff & Jen Dettlo for being such gracious hosts! . . . @devilstrumpet @offsquarebrewing @revdettlo
It has been an absolute pleasure being able to share Operation Combat Bikesaver with you guys. We’d like to thank Mark and Local 219 for giving us the free reign of their Instagram today. We’d like to also thank all of our supporters both local and national. We are so very thankful for the support we’ve gotten from the local communities. You guys have all stood behind us over the past 2 1/2 years and we cannot thank you enough for thank. Be sure to check out our website and Facebook pages. If you see us at one of the many events we have this year be sure to stop by and say hi, we’d love to meet ya. Thank you! OCB
#HOTRODTHERAPY is a term we use here at the Operation Combat Bikesaver Shop to describe what it is these folks are getting from our program. We’re not doctors and we do not offer any actual “therapy” per say, but what we do offer is an opportunity to be creative, which we have found to be profoundly impactful on those with PTSD and/or depression. We give our Gearheads a motorcycle or even sometimes a pile of metal and we say “make something”. We give them a medium, the tools, and at times instruction so that they can make their vision a reality. When it’s all said and done, they’ve created something unique that they can feel good about. We call that process #hotrodtherapy
Hey everyone! For today only, Operation Combat Bikesaver will be taking over the Local 219 instagram! If you haven’t heard of us we are a nonprofit out of Crown Point that offers a unique opportunity for Veterans and First Responders to better themselves through creativity and camaraderie. Through our program guys and gals that have served our nation or communities work together with the goal of creating one of a kind motorcycles. We’ll be sharing more about what we do throughout the day. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. #HOTRODTHERAPY #Veterans #operationcombatbikesaver #local219 @operation_combat_bikesaver
I’m really looking forward to doing more local up coming events. I’ll be at Hunt and Gather this September and I have a show lined up for next year @fluidvalpo and a collaboration with local author Stefan Barkow that I’m really excited about! Thanks everyone for stopping by to see what monsters I have in my basement, it’s been super fun today! So this was the last post of @loritheknife #tuesdaytakeover I really appreciate the opportunity to share a cut-away of my work to so many people. Thanks #Local219 ❤️
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