Local Frame Movement

🇵🇭 Exposing the unexposed perspective and visuals #LocalFrameMovement Alliance: @streetsixtythree @rawurbanshots

Deadline of submission til friday 12nn nov. 24, 2017 . Contestant will receive msg from us cause we need your high res photo. localframemovement@gmail.com #escolta1006 @folk1006 @streetsixtythree @localframemovement
Come thruu this sat. @hubmakelab @folk1006 @streetsixtythree x @localframemovement W/live performance from @rektasakalye
A photo exhibit showcasing the beauty of Escolta behind the lense of 13 (street) photographers, aiming to re-introduce and revive Escolta. Stay tuned! This event is for you folks!
Come thruuu