Logan Paul

The Maverick. Here to Dent The Universe πŸ’₯🌍

it took me 23 years of hard work to acquire this much swag
possible venue for the next fight? 😏πŸ₯Š
surprised they let me back in this country
put a plow on the G... my favorite saying applies now more than ever: either hop on the ride, or get the f**k out the way
Love makes you do weird things. Like buy a pig & name it @PearlBingbing 🐷 our first daughter lololol it’s gonna be awkward if we break up... who gets the pig? me. jk. welcome to the family my little ginger pork putty mudroller
new profile pic
thanks for putting up with me these last 3 months miss. i know i was a testosterone nightmare. BUT! It’s finally over 😁 ... until the rematch... MUAHAHAHA love youuuuu @chloebennet
[SWIPE] Conclusions: - i should’ve won that fight - when i punch it looks like im pooping - KSI fights like a dog in a corner & i respect that - jealous of KSI’s sparkly skirt - some people are saying the fight was rigged, literally suck my ass - my @MaverickByLoganPaul gear is sexy AF (merch link in bio) - i will not leave it up to the judges in the USA rematch
today will be the greatest day of my life... LINK IN BIO to watch the biggest internet event in history at 12p PST, 3pm EST, and 8pm BST
just remember... you asked for this 😈
a different breed
had a nice sit down with a self-proclaimed β€œGod” πŸ€” here are some highlights. full video on that youtube website. pre-order the fight in my bio. August 25. Eskeetit.
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