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~тнe god oғ мιѕcнιeғ 🗡 #loĸιѕarмy ~ rυмpleѕтιlѕĸιn 💫 ~тнe aмazιng ιan ѕoмerнalder ❤ мeeт: 24. & 25. мarcн 2018 ♠️"no one decιdeѕ мy ғaтe вυт мe"🌕

Today a legend died. Without him, Marvel wouldn't exist. But he didn't only make the films, he made dreams come true for so many. He was one of the greatest man in the world. I'm shocked, because recently he played his famous little parts in a Marvel movie and now he's gone... I just hope he's in a better place right now. Rest in peace Stan Lee 🙏🏻😭 #stanlee #stanleedeath #marvel
I'm back 🙋🏻‍♀️ and you probably already heard it but: Loki will get his own serie!! 😱😍😍 I'm soo happy about that. Yesterday Tom Hiddleston finally approved it 😭 Who else is exited about his new show?😏❤ ▪ Oh and... I'm gonna rewatch the thor movies...see ya😁 ▪ Credit to: @xjenillax @twhiddleston #loki #lokisarmy #lokiisback #finallybackingame
》 Fatal mistake, dearie 😈《 Damnn he's such a badass🔥 Credit to: @nightxparrilla it's amazing! Love him sm *.*
Beautiful Tom Hiddleston ❤ • How was your day/week?😊
Damn🔥😍 @iansomerhalder ❤ • So I survived first week of school🙋🏻‍♀️ but actually it was pretty good. I'm now in the 11th grade, that means we don't have always the same classes -> you have in every course different people :) and not always the same. I like this so much more, and my teachers are also new and very good so it actually was fun 😁😊 ~ How was your first week/weeks of school?💓
🌟ONLY RUMBELLE🌟 You can't imagine how much i love the two of them and especially together. And btw this is the serie where i cried most, like literally all the time haha ~ If you watched it, did you cry at some sad or happy moments? # Just tagged a few people don't wonder haha
Tom Hiddleston 💎 What are you doing today?😊 #tom #hiddleston #tomhiddleston #lokisarmy #marvel
You can be my it-girl ❣ • Guys please... you said you will always stand behind me - then please tell me your opinion on my last post. For me it's important • #tvd #delena
So this is Robert Carlyle aka Bobby 😁 speaking about his role as Rumplestilskin And then this sentence of Ginnifer (Snow White) "it's kind of hard to be afraid of you" it's just hilarious 😂 But do you see what i mean? He's so kind & lovely and as ginnifer said they all love him❤ Oh and i love his accent so much haha • First impression of him? • & thanks again for all your support! #robertcarlyle #onceuponatime #robert #carlyle #ouat #ouatcast #2011 #panel
PLEASE READ! Well.. so I'm just not really satisfied with this page. I would like to delete maybe some posts (not all of course) and then try to post more. But something changed - i started once upon a time and i LOVE rumplestilskin and especially his actor, robert clarlye. The point is that i have no time to start a new page. So my question is: would you support it if i would post loki, ian AND robert? Because i know that not many of you watch the show, but maybe you will start it (btw episode 1 is boring) and i want to show you how great robert is. So please tell me your honest opinion about it. It would be then more like a multipage.. i need your opinion on this and i want to do what you like most. Thank you ❤
He's soo kind & lovely to his fans. We love you @twhiddleston ♡ ~ Cute or cute?😌 ~ #tomhiddleston #loki #lokisarmy #fans #actor
I'm so so glad that I have this man in my life. He builds me up everytime I need it. He let me feel his love as I met him. Thank you for everything @iansomerhalder 🌙💙 • Heyy🙋🏻‍♀️ so yesterday we walked about 16km (maybe a bit less idk exactly), today approximately 7km. Well, I guess that's enough :D but the nature is so beautiful here (check out my story). Have a great evening! Ly all💗 ~ #ian #somerhalder #iansomerhalder #love
In case you're having a bad day 😉🤣❤ ~ I don't know what that is but it's just sooo funny😂 our little bean #tomhiddleston #bean 💞 ~ Love you all 🤗
You can say whatever you want - Delena is perfect ❤ • Sorry for being inactive. I promise you that I will be more active now! • Have a nice day ! 💛 • Credit to: unknown
I love him so much 😂❤ ~ Who is your favorite Marvel character? (maybe besides Loki) ~ -> mine are Loki ofc, Doctor Strange, Rocket, Cap, Spiderman and Thor 🙈 ~ Credit to: @thequexnofedits #loki #lokilaufeyson #edit
1,2,3 or 4?😏❤ From @ian.ir #damonsalvatore
Credit to @somerhalderfactss ❤ ~ So happy 179th Birthday to Damon Salvatore!❤🖤 I love him since I first saw him,and I honestly ever shipped him with Elena even if I didn't know anything about Delena at this point. ~ Maybe Damon isn't perfect, but he changed so much for Elena, his humor is legendary, he's definetly the hottest man alive 🔥 and he loves Elena so much ❤ I love him with my whole heart & he deserves definetly to be happy ~ Your opinion about Damon?😏
Lokiking 🌘👑💚 ~ I'm so sorry for being inactive, but I had many exams to pass. Now I have only 3 left so I will post more in the future 💕 ~ Maybe late but to all of you who have seen Infinity war: What's your opinion about the end? Do you belive that they are all dead? And do you think Loki will come back? ~ Credit to: @misterfandcms 💚 #loki #lokisarmy #lokiodinson #lokilaufeyson #lokifriggason #thor #marvel #universe
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