~*Jess Carnegie*~

cold drinks w a hot wife #caramelmacchiatoforever #moforevertoo
outside again, v good @ sports
an emotional rollercoaster ft Aero the softest angel
went outside once more (The restaurant provided the hats to protect us from the sky)
went outside today
my dad is stronger than your dad this margarita is stronger than your margarita the mullet is stronger than your mullet
nice boys kiss your face while they shake your hand
couples that plant together, stay together #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
tfw u see a fish
clappy as a ham
ice tea passionate
just need to take a moment to appreciate this guy. been pretty sickly lately and she has been a great nurse/sidekick/morale booster/back rubber/soup maker/overall amazing human being 😍
the only boy I'll kiss right on the mouth 👨‍👨‍👦
how to eat moffin 2018 🐊
sunday boyf & small boy
i would like it to be fall again
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