Shaun Ochocinco

ɐıɟɐɯ ʎǝllɐʌ

Eh I’m working on it ok 👏🏿
Chuck E. What are you doing #hemustbeboredasf
season right around the corner🤫 #TRENCHGANG
5 years ago my grandma passed away🙏😥 #illalwaysmissyou #foreverinourhearts
😔😭 #missingit
I just wanna say hell of a season boiz we had our ups and downs but we manage to overcome that and play as a team, when ever and where ever we always had our backs wether it was on the football field or the classroom, you guys where like brothas to me - sincerely brotha Shaun #73 🔵🔴🙌 #imuateamwaianae