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This week's #mylpguide belongs to @kevinvanhuet , who used his trusty #LonelyPlanet to navigate through stunning Southeastern Europe. Here it is surveying the iconic #Mostar Bridge in #Bosnia and Herzegovina 😍 -- Every week we regram a #mylpguide shot. Tag yours for a potential feature!
We don't know about you, but we're dreaming of a little #sunshine ... Luckily, we have the next best thing – this gorgeous aerial shot of Vietri sul Mare beach, #Italy , taken by #LonelyPlanet Trailblazer @anadventurousworld on a recent trip. ☀️
‘“#Portugal is a country with a divided soul,” I’m told as I share salted codfish and wine in a quiet tavern in #Coimbra . “On the one hand, you have this great seafaring history and facing the Atlantic. On the other, no-one else remembers that. We are all Europeans now.” But, as it turns out, there are many Portugals. From centuries-old architecture to cutting edge design, traditional dishes to Michelin-starred cuisine, each city and side road is an invitation to discover something new. About the country, of course. But also about you and what you thought you knew.’ - @insidetravellab — Join Abi on our #lpinstastory today to find out why #Portugal was one of our top 10 #BestinTravel countries for 2018... W/ @gadventures
Most people that #travel to #NewYorkCity will come away with a shot of the #StatueofLiberty ... and with good reason. This one was snapped by #LonelyPlanet photographer, @kylieam. Conceived as early as 1865 by French intellectual Édouard Laboulaye as a monument to the republican principals shared by France and the USA, the Statue of Liberty is still generally recognised as a symbol for the ideals of opportunity and freedom to many. French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi travelled to New York in 1871 to select the site, then spent more than 10 years in Paris designing and making the 151ft-tall figure Liberty Enlightening the World. It was then shipped to New York, erected on a small island in the harbor (then known as Bedloe's Island) and unveiled in 1886.
On our #lpinstastory today - #LonelyPlanet Trailblazer @danflyingsolo takes us on a whirlwind tour of #Slovenia ’s Vipava Valley, one of our #BestinEurope destinations for 2018...
#LonelyPlanet #travel writer, @mrtangtangtang , is currently on assignment exploring #Japan . This shot captures a golden orb atop a wave being summoned by Ōkuninushi, the God of marriage and bringer of good fortune, at the Izumo Taisha shrine. #LPinJapan
'Dropping off the escarpment the landscape undergoes a dramatic transformation as it descends into the lowlands – a misnomer as these Simien Mountain valleys are still over 2000m in altitude. The hillsides flow with yellow canola flowers and fields of silvery green tef (the indigenous grain used in making injera, the local bread). Giant ficus trees throw shadows across the ground and delicate wildflowers line the trail. Under the hot lowland sun, the cold mountain mists were a distant memory. I plunged into the cool waters of an emerald pool, showering under a cascading waterfall. A blissful end to an epic hike.' – @theruggedbikini -- That's a wrap for this weekend's #lpinstatakeover . Check out @theruggedbikini for more of Olivia's shots! #Ethiopia
'Steep ascents lead to misty plateaus populated with giant lobelias – freaky fleshy-leaved plants growing to 3m in height, evoking images of dinosaurs and ancient days. Escarpment vistas are filled with sheer cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and rocky turrets spiking out from the forested valleys below. Vultures and ravens cruise the skies. It is a strangely beautiful yet primal world. We spied walia ibex and the rare Ethiopian wolf. With an estimated population of less than 50 in the Simien Mountains, and no more than 400 in the entire country, the Ethiopian wolf is the planet’s rarest canid. – @theruggedbikini #lpinstatakeover #Ethiopia
'With their expressive faces, playful antics and magnificent silver manes, the gelada baboon is simply delightful. Once almost hunted to extinction, these baboons (actually monkeys) are now a protected species. The gelada (or ‘bleeding heart’) baboon is found only in the Simien Mountains. They live in groups of a hundred or more, and favour the escarpment where they clamber over and under the cliff edge like agile acrobats. It was exhilarating to approach within a few feet of this magnificent group.' – @theruggedbikini #lpinstatakeover #Ethiopia
This week's #lonelyplanet regram comes from @evawalr from the world's largest salt flat in southwest #Bolivia . The prehistoric salt lake, Lago Minchín, which once covered most of southwest Bolivia dried up and left several salt pans, including Salar de Uyuni. -- Every week we regram a shot from our community. Tag yours with #lonelyplanet for a potential feature!
This week's #mylpguide shots come to us from the beautiful blue streets of #Chefchaouen , #Morocco , the colourful rooftops of #Tallinn , #Estonia , fascinating #Uzbekistan , the wild wilderness of a Jökulsárlón lagoon in #Iceland and the skyline of #Seville , our top city to visit in 2018. (Images by @adventuringyogini / @michaeldalton_30 / @xaviermarchal / @susanges / @elley377 ) -- Every week we regram a #mylpguide shot. Tag yours for a potential feature!
From Bali's undulating rice terraces to dramatic night skies in Reunion, these were the top Instagrams from our #lpPathfinders community last month. You sure are a talented bunch! 📱 Read the full piece via the link in our bio. (Images by @omnivagant , @svenywhere , @javilorbada , @lawyerturnedgypsy_travel_blog and @anywhere_we_roam ).
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