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'Over my last few photos, I've talked about deserts, sand dunes, camels, and marshes. Now here is everything in one photo. Because this area is so barren and inhospitable, this little oasis at the foot of the huge Khongoryn Els sand dunes is home to camels, cattle, and horses, as well as some other small mammals and birds.' – @thefella -- That's a wrap for this weekend's #lpinstatakeover ! Check out @thefella for more of Conor's shots. #Mongolia Shot at @what3words location /// segregated.concerto.stallion — During this assignment, Conor has been using the latest #lonelyplanet #Mongolia , which includes location references from @what3words. Find out more via their handle!
'While exploring the Flaming Cliffs at Bayanzag (not only a beautiful area, but also an important palaeontology site), I got hit by a huge dust storm. I could see it approaching in the distance, but it reached me before I could get to shelter. By the time I got back to the camp, the storm and the dust created one of the most dramatic skies I've seen in some time.' – @thefella #lpinstatakeover #lpPathfinders | Shot at @what3words location: ///extensions.shipment.warden
'This is Baasanhuu. He runs a ger camp in the #Gobi Desert with his family. He also travels around this region on camel, as it's a strange mix of desert, sand dunes, rivers, and marshland; most vehicles would struggle in this type of terrain. #Mongolia is filled with these Bactrian camels, two-humped ones instead of the one hump that a lot of people might be used to.' – @thefella #lpinstatakeover #lpPathfinders | Shot at @what3words location: ///slims.shepherd.implement
'The sand dunes of Khongoryn Els are some of the largest and most spectacular in #Mongolia . The sheer scale of them is hard to comprehend; they are up to 300m high, 12km wide, and about 100km long. One of the best times to see them is at sunrise and sunset. Not only because of the amazing light, but also to escape the heat of the Gobi Desert.' – @thefella #lpinstatakeover #lpPathfinders | Shot at @what3words location: ///replanted.migrated.viewer
This weekend's #lpinstatakeover comes from photographer and #LonelyPlanet Pathfinder Conor MacNeill a.k.a @thefella , who will be sharing shots of beautiful, vast #Mongolia . – 'I think for a lot of people, Mongolia has always held a certain appeal, even to the most seasoned traveller. I guess people who get wanderlust might be attracted to the idea of visiting one of the last great nomadic cultures in the world. Many of the people still live in round tents known as gers. Here is one in the Gobi Desert, under the Milky Way.' – @thefella -- Stay tuned for more of Conor's shots! | Shot at @what3words location: ///beanbag.skier.pigments
This week's #lpfanphoto was taken by Alessandro (@canevarunner ) in #Mongolia - one of the least densely populated countries on earth. -- Every week we regram an #lpfanphoto . Tag yours for a potential feature!
This week's #mylpguide belongs to @ewa_mmm , who snapped her #Portugal #LonelyPlanet in situ at Ponta Da Piedade! Couldn't you just dive right into that azure water... -- Every week we regram a #mylpguide shot. Tag yours for a potential feature! 👀
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Today we’re proud to launch our latest @lonelyplanetfood book, #UltimateEatlist which ranks the world’s top 500 #foodie experiences. From meticulously-crafted sushi in Tokyo to succulent Texan brisket, which experience do you think made the top spot? Find out via the link in our bio or head on over to our @lonelyplanetfood account to see how we’re celebrating the launch! #travel #foodie
#LonelyPlanet #travel writer, @raubontheroad , is currently on assignment exploring #Portugal . This shot features the roofless Capelas Imperfeitas (Unfinished Chapels) in Batalha. Only accessible from outside the abbey, the octagonal mausoleum with its seven chapels was commissioned in 1437. However, the later Manueline additions by the architect Mateus Fernandes overshadow everything else. Although Fernandes’ plan was never finished, the staggering ornamentation is all the more dramatic for being open to the sky. #LPinPortugal
'The skyline of Hong Kong, a popular gateway to mainland #China , never fails to amaze me. At Victoria Peak, the never-ending glowing lights against the mountains in the background are breathtaking, especially on a clear night when you can see for miles. The old funicular route to the top is a quick and easy way to access the viewing platforms which to me offers one of the best modern views in the world. – @danflyingsolo #BestinTravel -- That's all for this weekend's #lpinstatakeover ! Check out @danflyingsolo for more amazing snaps.
'One of my favourite cities in China was #Suzhou , which is under 30 minutes from #Shanghai by bullet train. While the canals of the city have become popular with tourists to explore by boat, you can still find day-to-day life going on along the waterways which weave between houses, small shops and kids playing games at the water's edge.' – @danflyingsolo #lpinstatakeover #BestinTravel
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