Long Dog Emma

✨ miniature longhaired isabella, tan and cream dachshund ✨ miami ✨ @tatiazmouz is my human

Happy Saturday! ☀️ #allsmiles #happydog
Isabella, tan and cream baby ✨
Weekend plans... 😴
Is it fall yet? Happy Labor Day weekend friends! 🍂
Judging you... 👀
Time to play 😈
The first picture of Emma we ever received 😍 #puppylove
Turn your screen for an adorable smile! 🙃
Fluffy ✨
Stay cute, friends 💗
That face you make when you see coffee 🤤
I’m a 🍩 girl in a 🍩 world
That weekend bed hair...
Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms (even the dog moms) who inspire us every day and teach us that one can be both strong and loving! 💗 👇🏻 tag an inspiring mom below ✨
When you find that pawfect Sunday spot... 😴
Paws up if you’re happy 🤗
Smiling because it’s the weekend 😊😊😊
Wym it’s not Friyay?
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