🥀aka @joy_abundant ☠️ Teach @gritcycle 🥊 I like to hit things 🖤 Kombucha Queen 🚲CM // Mon/Wed 545a / Sat 530p / Sun 7a

Happy Halloween friends!!!
I love you @gritcycle ! The past two+ weeks I taught every day.... there were sold out classes, a class with 7 people, from Costa Mesa to Long Beach and my legs are tired and my heart is full! The challenge felt awesome, sometimes waking up before 5am was tough.... but I am really proud and grateful! I’m leaving town for ten days and I’m sad to go, but the chance to take someone else’s class or work out on my own will be so refreshing!!! I’ll see you when I get back 10:45am on Sat Sept 29 in LB then 7am in CM on Sunday ... see you then xoxoxo
⚠️⚠️⚠️ time to book your bikes for next week? Swipe ⬅️ to see my new times in Costa Mesa. See ya when I see ya 🖤 couldn’t be more stoked to kick you ass 545 😈
The energy in the room this morning was soooo good. To all the beautiful ladies who showed up & rode GRITTY AF in these LUX @koral outfits.... damn. Thanks so much to Koral for creating the party.... and ladies I hope to see you again in the saddle room because you absolutely made my weekend 🖤🖤🖤 thank you
Tomorrow, Saturday 10:45am, we are riding @koral style. The brand new @gritcycle studio in LB is hosting a ride to flaunt some shiny leggings and give props to the people who make the wheels turn at Koral!l come see the new studio... tell your friends in LB that their first ride is on us and show up for a good time 🖤🖤🖤 click my location to see where we’re at and DM me if you’ve got a question
It’s TIME!!! Grit Long Beach officially opens THIS SAT & I’m teaching 10:45am. New riders are complimentary, dm me for more details & book now!!!
There’s only 1️⃣ chance to ride with me this weekend ... book that bike they are filling up quick. 🆗🆒 also 🆕 riders and walk-ins welcome! If you are new use the promocode: gritstrong online to get your first class on us! See you @gritcycle costa Mesa #lookprettyridegritty
Take a Sunday Ride with me @gritcycle Costa Mesa 🏍 vroom vroom - dm me if it’s your first time and I’ll walk you through how to get hooked up 🇺🇸😘
Okkkkk so I’m obsessed with this song. Also obsessed with hovering and tapping bc that will make your core rock harddddd. Tag your friends that live near Long Beach, I’ll make sure they get hooked up with their first class on the house and I’ll also kick their butt like never before... LBsched= tues/thurs 7am sat 1045a 😜
Bikes are open to book for these 4 classes... Subbing 7am tues/thurs in Costa Mesa for @kaitlinhoneycutt next week!! Come get Gritty with me #lookprettyridegritty
Proud to call @gritcycle home! This past weekend $356 THOUSAND and counting raised for @joinjohnwayne Cancer Foundation. It’s my personal mission to be a part of a community that is bigger than itself by the way it gives back. The energy in that room when we ride together to give back to the world is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had! Thanks @marisagrit & @thegritguru for building me up to be a part of this incredible vision.
A few things! This weekend class is cancelled on Sat for Gritty Up! Sunday is happening though 🆗🆒 also, LB is opening in a couple weeks! Guess who’s going to be teaching there!?!? If you or any of your friends live up there be sure to connect us 💟 thank you
Did you book your bike yet!? SAT 5:30p PREGAME & SUN 7a 💓 two chances to sweat, dance, get your mind right, take care of your body, say hi to your friends and show off your new leggings.... invite a friend, new riders are free using promo code “gritstrong”... HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
So many bikes but no Gritcycle! See you next weekend... but for now enjoying the cold weather in Copenhagen 🇩🇰
BTS filming with @italkyouglisten for @31bits TOGETHER campaign. Stoked to team up with the local company to tell the world about their limited edition “TOGETHER” bracelet for International Women’s Day. Check out the video at 31bits.com 🖤🖤🖤
TWO CHANCES to ride with me this SUNDAY 7am and 530pm... book early & get the bike you like ❤️😘❤️😘❤️
Sun 7am & subbing 530pm.. birthday jams coming your way.. come celebrate with me 🎂
Sunday funday 😻
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