🚲 Indoor Cycling @gritcycle 🖤 Costa Mesa M & W 545a / Sun 7a 🖤 Huntington Beach T & Th 7a / F 545a / Sat 815a 👋🏼 DM me to try on the house

LAST CHANCE! What can I say, I’m a morning person 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Hey guys, this Saturday is my final Sat 5:30pm class... after this week, HB will be open and I’ll be teaching Tues, Thurs, Fri & Saturday AMs there (still teaching Mon, Wed, Sun in CM- so you can ride with me 7 days a week)... please come celebrate my last Saturday night with me! 🖤🖤🖤 I’m also subbing Sun night 5:30 so if you can’t make it Saturday you’ll have another chance 🤘🏼
Come and get it weekend warriors... three chances to ride: Tonight at 5:30p and Sunday 7am, subbing 5:30p... 🖤🖤🖤 #gritcycle
Sundays at 4:30, time to grab your favorite bike: Mon 545a, Wed 545a, Sat 530p, Sun 7a book now & hold yourself to it!
@gritcycle HB coming Spring ‘19! 🖤 I’ll be there, will you!?
Don’t miss your midweek workout... book for tomorrow AM at 545 now 🖤
TGIF // grab your squad and motivate each other to stay ON IT this weekend. 2 weekend rides BEFORE the game day festivities begin // Sat 530 pm and Sunday 7am in Costa Mesa!
January is almost over, that doesn’t mean your ‘new year, new you’ push should come to an end. The only way to get better is to show up and hustle hard... grab a bike for tomorrow, Wed 5:45am... and don’t forget to book now and work out BEFORE the game day celebrations start- Sat 5:30, Sun 7am! Get on it, friends!!!
It’s finally Friday friends!! Tomorrow is your LAST chance to ride at a discount with me. 5:30pm in Costa Mesa, book your IOTM class now!! Promise it’ll be lit 🔥🖤🤘🏼🤑
Where my weekend workoutaholics at!?!? There are bikes left in both my classes this weekend... Pregame the 🏈 with Sunday 7am and IOTM tonight at 5:30- the perfect class to bring a new friend to!!
New Year, New Music... I’ve been working hard to introduce some newness into my playlists (but I’m not ditching all the old faves)... I’m in the saddle room Saturday 5:30pm (discounted IOTM rate) and Sunday 7am.... don’t miss your chance to sweat this weekend 😅🖤
Single-single-double oblique crunches. Who’s goin’ bad with me this weekend? Sat 5:30, Sun 7am ....
I love my job !!! If you aren’t following @gritcycle do it now ... Book your weekend workout now ladies and gentlemen- sat 5:30p sun 7am in Costa Mesa, new riders ride on the house!
Time to book your weekend workouts... 3x to catch me in the saddle room Sat 530p // Sun 7a // Sun 530p
I am so grateful for YOU my friends and clients for your consistent support !!!
❗️update❗️if you didn’t notice already, from now on I’m only teaching in CM 🖤 just wanted to post my schedule so y’all know what’s good! ❌ ⭕️
How can you make yourself better? Treat yourself right, take care of your body and mind- tell yourself you are worthy. Then stop worrying about your worth and focus your energy on how you can make someone else’s existence brighter and show them they are worthy.
Happy Halloween friends!!!
I love you @gritcycle ! The past two+ weeks I taught every day.... there were sold out classes, a class with 7 people, from Costa Mesa to Long Beach and my legs are tired and my heart is full! The challenge felt awesome, sometimes waking up before 5am was tough.... but I am really proud and grateful! I’m leaving town for ten days and I’m sad to go, but the chance to take someone else’s class or work out on my own will be so refreshing!!! I’ll see you when I get back 10:45am on Sat Sept 29 in LB then 7am in CM on Sunday ... see you then xoxoxo
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