Nick "Lord Nmp" Polom

MSI gaming monitor info!

3 of the best viewers any streamer could ever ask for. I consider them friends now. So awesome to meet them!
A very EU breakfast
Wedding over! We look good!
I look like a fat black gangster from the 60's
This is in my friends hotel room jesus!
"You alright I'm alright I'm quite alright And my money's right, yeah"
Feel the burn @sodapoppintv
GGX gang
To all the haters and baiters out there!
Trying to rest up before IRL streaming but the cat has other ideas...
I was using Chances eye tracker and needless to say...I could not look away..
New updated battle station. I need to swap some monitors and stuff but its progress!
New year new me :)
Wish me luck guys! Going to try and not die!
Not your average Instagram post :)
He might bite you but he has a huge heart!
Real footage of huge dinosaur attacking Austin!
We done tuck4e up u g4p me
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