林小青 🐷

+62 // +86 📍Beijing, China

maafkan saya menambah polusi😷
我想过上这样的生活 #swipeswipe 👉 🐼🐼
hi sally!!🐥💛
look at that fluffy unicorn, it so FLUFFEHH!!💛
Time will teach you✨
one day in bakery shop🍞 . . 📷 @winny_indriani
you're human. it's ok to have a melt down, just dont🙅unpack and live there.
😌 . . 📷 : @clarissa_santoso
祝你们度过愉快的一天💁 . . 📷 : @natacialiong
Mount changbaishan is located in jilin province, on the border between china and north korea. It capped with snow❄ all year round🗻 #throwbackpic
🙈🙈🙈 . . 📷: 🐵
last night🔥
u will be exactly as happy as u decide to be❄❄ . . 📷 : @richardkane99
take a deep breath, smile & get ready to enter 2018✨🙌
the climb is tough. but the view from the top is worth it. btw, Merry Christmas everyone!!🎅❤
discover the beauty of winter❄
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