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Happy Easter friends! Grateful for all of you and hope you had the most beautiful day with your loved ones ❤️ @chriswharder
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Which one are you?👇Type the number you fall under so we can all know we are not alone and we can support each other in taking the leap from explaining to living our truth! 1️⃣ I’m still waiting for someone to validate me, a platform to approve me, a group to choose me, an invite to a stage, a publisher or editor to like my message before I begin sharing it directly with the people who need it. 2️⃣ I’m still spending all my precious energy trying convince my family and friends who don’t understand me and aren’t ready to change why they need to try to live my way or support me. 3️⃣ I’m stuck trying to apologize and explain myself to someone who misunderstood me and it’s only making it worse and draining all my mental energy. 4️⃣ I’m letting opinions of people who don’t want or need my message to affect me from helping transform people who need me. 5️⃣ I’m afraid I’ll screw up, that someone will think I’m copying them or I’ll fail. 6️⃣ I’ve stopped letting opinions stop me and I understand how freeing it feels to live my purpose and truth! I’m living my best life and learning each day! . My dearest friends, you cannot say the wrong thing to the right people. If someone’s telling you you’re wrong or you can’t do something, it’s not your people. Keep talking loud enough that all the wrong people leave (or you leave them alone) and all the right people can hear you and show up. . I’m not saying don’t take feedback if it’s done with your best interests in mind, but I am saying to let it be ok to NOT listen to a person who your message is not intended for or someone who is not ready to change or may never change. Find the seekers by preaching loud enough and often enough for the to find you. This is the only way! Become known for your message by sharing it daily. . Cut out the middle man, stop waiting, convincing or explaining and just start talking and taking action on all platforms. Accept that judgement and critics come when you start to live in your truth. Thank them for making you practice and strengthen your faith, courage and get you clear in what you stand for. . @earnyourhappy Episode #354 is all about this!!!
Let’s play a game! If I handed you a mic and you had to share a ten minute talk about a life lesson you want to share with everyone, what would the title of your talk be❓🤔🤗. . . . @theblissprojectevent @girlsquadinc #theblissproject #blissproject #event #events #womensevent
Did you grow up hearing statements that defined not only who you think you are supposed to be, but also what you think you should wear? Does that programming run so deep that even when you buy the outfit that represents a side of you you would love to embody, that your old programming takes over and tells you you’re being ridiculous so you stop yourself from being who you really desire being? . Yes, I’m using clothing as an analogy here but it’s a beautiful way to understand how multi faceted we are and how we put ourselves in a box. What I want you to realize is we are the only thing stopping us from buying or wearing the “outfit” aka - identity, we actually wish we could wear. . “I could never wear that” comes from the same place as “I could never do that or be that” comes from. It’s a choice to just do it, rock it and embody “it” despite feeling awkward as hell. . Do you think Freddy Mercury came out of the womb singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and wearing a black sparkly onesie?! That was a choice to become who he saw in his visions of his life. It’s a choice to keep wearing the identity we desire, even when it at first feels foreign, embarrassing or too BIG for people to handle. Have you ever worn something edgy and had everyone tell you how much they love your outfit and that you inspired them to wear more of what they want without caring as much?? YES! . This is exactly what happens when we show up in our true essence, our weirdness, our bigness, our uniqueness - it inspires people to be more them and embrace all parts of them. . Look, I get that I’m talking about something so basic as clothing and tying it to life parallels, but this identity shit is for real and it works. I use my life as school every single day and clothing is a way for me to break old patterns. I wear outfits that challenge my old beliefs of needing to blend, be modest or that fit who I think I should be. I wear them because they stretch me and make me uncomfortable and help me accept and embody my bigness, my sexiness, my weirdness, my wildness, my power and creativity and to choose to give myself permission to be all of it and rock all of it. 📸 @violetartistry
To be you feels like truth. To live your truth feels like bliss. Being the authentic you is BLISS. . Type YES if agree that following your own ever changing authentic path is freedom! . #atribecalledbliss #book #bookclub #bookquotes #bookstagram #books #bookshelf
Habits trump feelings. Before we go crazy talking how important it is to tune into our feelings - I want to shout a huge YES!!! It’s essential to pay attention and rest when needed, but on the flip side I think it’s important to create the habits that support the feelings we desire daily or our feelings may be getting confused with lack of energy, exercise, connection, unhealthy diet etc. it’s not until I really had these habits down that I think I was able to truly differentiate between when I needed rest or when I just needed better habits. . I am not the kind of person who wakes up happy every day (although my husband is and it’s annoying;) so I have to make sure my habits support my desire to feel energized and in a good mood. . Actions change your state and your identity. Choose actions that love you back long term. . I have habits in place that are non-negotiable because I am so good at wasting time arguing with myself (which is terribly painful) that I decided to stop wasting time on the emotional roller coaster and just wake up and pray, read, meditate and move my body. It’s what reminds me of who I am what I’m connected to. It’s how I hear myself in a world that’s always telling us what to do and how to feel. . Turn down the volume on the external and turn up the habits that help you truly tune in and support your mental and physical Heath. . Ps - Waffles gets grumpy without her walks, healthy food and cuddles too... . 📸 @nickonken
I see you... you’re working on yourself, your mindset, your goals. . Some days are 💯and other days you question you choices, your abilities and your faith. . You’ve had people question your “integrity,” you’ve had family poke fun at you, you’ve had hurtful messages on social media and even some epic failures. . You’ve lost money, you’ve lost relationships, people have told you’ve changed and you used to be more fun. . You’re standing on the middle of the bridge looking back at “what was” and looking forward at your life’s purpose. . Here’s what I wish I could go back and tell myself sooner on this journey of following my dreams... . The pot you were planted in served you well, but it was too small for the giant Redwood that you are. It’s time to seek a new supportive environment so you can thrive. BUT, the transplant period is going to throw you into SHOCK and there will be times you feel that you won’t survive... this is when it’s vital to support yourself, support your weaknesses, be so self aware that you create safety nets so you don’t go back to the comfort of that old small pot. . Listen to podcasts - shameless plug (earnyourhappy.com) read books, join Masterminds, coaching, do anything to remember who you are and where you’re going even though your environment doesn’t yet support the new you!!! Remember that the pain and pressure is the stuff that transforms you, it’s the lessons you need to let go, lean into faith and stop caring about small minds and only focus on the mission at hand. I would tell myself “YOU already know who you really are and if you don’t pursue this vision, you will continue to sabotage and numb yourself.” . Keep going friend... it’s why you’re here and you have the ability to break the patterns of your life, your family + your circle. You will become what is possible for some of them. You will become the North Star. You will become the person you were sent to be and you will be FREE. . I started my Earn Your Happy podcast to have some real talk about what the journey really feels like. I’m so grateful I kept going even when I didn’t feel like anyone was listening. I’m so grateful to all of you tuning in each week. @violetartistry
Do you ever create false expectations for yourself that stress you out because you believe other people expect you to be or show up a certain way? . I don’t know about you, but I can often live in a story that doesn’t even exist — some of those stories are that if I say no, say the wrong thing or don’t show up in good energy that I won’t be liked, loved or I will let people down. . What’s an expectation you’ve put on yourself and are working on releasing? . What if we all started letting ourselves off the hook of what we think other people want and let ourselves be more human, say how we are feeling and let it be ok if we let people down as long as it’s because we are living our truth. What if we really believed we can’t say the wrong thing to the right people — the people who really love us and here for our journey. . If you want to free yourself, you first have to release the stories around expectations and decide to accept whatever comes with allowing yourself to be more you, to be “off” be tired and to express what you need in order to take care of you, your family and your dreams. . Every day we have two choices, try to meet others expectations and feel resentful, or live a life that fulfills and frees you and accept that you can’t please everyone, you’re not for everyone and no matter what you do people won’t like you — because making peace with what you can’t change is the secret to freedom. Decide to make yourself happy and proud, so others opinions and expectations matter less. . Protect your mission and your mission will protect you. Let go of expectations and watch your path and purpose pull you forward because of the space and energy you freed up by letting go and making room for what’s real. . #atribecalledbliss
When I tell you I get back up every time I fall, I mean it... I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! This was behind the scenes caught on film during our mastermind by @joeyspeers . As they all rushed to make sure I was ok after I said I stepped on my skirt the audio caught me saying “Guys, I’m from Upper Michigan, I’m fine.” I want to know what you would say after you fell? Tell me below!! 🤦‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️👇👇👇
Because right now I’m in a bathrobe and I live in workout clothes and this picture reminds me this version of me is fun to be too. . I am not just down home girl (I’m from Upper Michigan y’all and helped my dad install kitchens and can fix a mean toilette) business woman, or California girl. I’m all of it and then some and I honor the seasons and the discomfort of the identity shifts. Everyday I wake up I’m committed to choosing to be whatever the hell I want and even if it’s something I wasn’t yesterday and I show up totally different to you than you think I should — I will keep trying to choose personal freedom and following my soul so that I can set myself free every day. . Wear the outfit, do the thing, change your mind, change direction and change your friends. Let people form opinions and let that be your work to let go of thinking you can control them - you can’t and that’s where you get to grow and love them even more — these are ninja skills my friends that we get to sharpen. Do what’s required for your life’s mission as long as its all coming from a loving place and you’re doing YOUR best to live your truth.
I read this on my uber inspiring friend @alexipanos page and and hit me like 🚚💥 what does this bring up for you when you read it??? . How many times have you wished and manifested only to later realize you didn’t have a strong enough foundation for that thing to land on or be supported by. . Every time I’ve cleaned up my environment, be it my mind, house, friends, workload, body etc, I notice that thing finally has what it needs to come in 🙏❤️
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