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Take your focus off what you think would make you popular or liked by people and focus only on what would make you proud, popular and valuable to yourself. This is the secret to loving your life and truly attracting the people who love you for you. . #atribecalledbliss #earnyourhappy #earnyourhappypodcast #podcast
🧶 I’ve recently been wanting to learn new skills, so I started googling how to knit last week, after wanting to knit for years and then meeting a woman on the @oprahmagazine cruise who was always knitting. I am pretty antsy and have always loved working with my hands. I wanted to learn how to do it because my aunt @julie_kunick_ has always given blankets for weddings and baby gifts and the blankets she gave me have always meant so much to me. . I have been obsessed with these big, chunky, stunning blankets lately and can’t wait to be able to gift these from my heart, weaves with love. . This is the most relaxing thing ever! Omg so meditative. . Thank you @peonyandthyme for the amazing YouTube video and thank you @mamaknowsluxury where I ordered the yarn! . For video google Peony and Thyme big yarn blanket. . #knitting #bigyarn #bigyarnblanket #blanket #chunkyknitblanket
Whatever, ignore this face so can we talk about how fun this season is to embrace! I’ll tell you, no matter what you believe, it’s totally different when you decide to participate in the festivities - whatever that means to you! Look, I never even celebrated Holidays until I was 24 because of the religion I was raised in, but I will say, participation in whatever desired outcome or feeling you want, is the key to feeling involved or not. Isn’t that the key to anything? You’re level of participation - even just a plaid top or red lipstick or music or how much you pass on your Holiday bliss through a smile will determine your level of enjoyment.................................. That’s all. I’m done. I’m full. This lipstick is drying out my lips. I need water and loose pants. And more bread. In bed. Yes, carbs in bed. Bye.
Yesterday was truly the most perfect day and all the birthday wishes brought tears to my eyes. I’m swimming in love and gratitude this morning with all the beautiful people in my life. God is so good, y’all and every part of life is a gift. I appreciate it even more with every passing year. . And to this man, @chriswharder... you are so thoughtful and the best partner and match for me I could have ever imagined. To grow with you and walk this life on purpose together is the best gift I could ever get. Thank you for making me feel so celebrated. . #birthday #catchla @catch
Walking into my 38th year feeling more grateful, faithful, confident, excited and even more clear on who I am and what makes a great life - getting older is a gift. I have so much to say and be grateful for but I’ll just say thank you God for the gift of My amazing husband @chriswharder , my family, friends, health, choice, humor and perspective. Oh and thanks for making me a Sag♐️🤣❤️🙏 #birthday #decemberbirthday #sagittarius #30something . 📸 @nickonken
All you need is enough faith to take that first step. You’re not supposed to know it all, feel 💯 or have it figured out. One moment at time, sister friend. The future you is in progress and the current you is a masterpiece. Be gentle on yourself but firm in your commitment - meaning give yourself time, space and grace in the process. It takes longer than you think so buckle down and enjoy each day of tiny wins❤️#atribecalledbliss
Celebrate the people in your life, like really truly celebrate them and you will be overcome with joy. Grateful to have been a part of @mrking 40th birthday where we each got to take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge what his life has done for ours, and in Chris King fashion he went back around and told us what impacted him about each of us. Create the moments intentionally if you want more moments that stay with you. Take the time to acknowledge people and it will refill your cup ❤️ . Photos: @meeno_the_man @oclydia @ocdoug @mbabzz @chriswharder @robdyrdek @nikiwonder @dannymorel @larryenglish_
What’s one thing you need to do to feel great this week? Tell me below! ⚡️ If you were in control of your week, what is one boundary you need to set in order to make sure you have the space to create or do what makes you feel alive, productive, grounded or connected? ⚡️ How much space do you need and how will you create it and put it your calendar? If it’s not on the calendar, it ain’t happening. . #goldendoodle #doodle #dogsofinstagram #dogs . @bossbabephotography
Had such an awesome experience last night with floor seats at the @lakers vs @dallasmavs ! Oh and swipe to say hi to the amazing @mcuban ❤️🙋🏼‍♀️So incredibly inspiring to see @kingjames and all the crazy athletes! Just wow... feeling grateful and super inspired to keep chasing my dreams this morning💯💯
Where my recovering people pleasers at? 🙋🏼‍♀️Today on the podcast I talk all about THIS... The freedom in acceptance and letting go of trying to be enough for the people you’re not enough for. Drop your takeaway below 👇🙏🙌 @earnyourhappy earnyourhappy.com
I don’t know about you but I find the Holidays the best and most challenging practice on setting boundaries. I want to go to every party, pack in all the plans and of course we all have family time we are trying to fit in to a tiny window! I know every year I’m trying to find the right balance, where I enjoy myself a ton, but also not to the point where I resent people, feel exhausted, get sick and start feeling anxious or depressed. This means I’ve had to really ask myself what I need to say no to even though it’s going to be amazing. This is never an easy thing to do. Here’s some tips I use to navigate the parties and craziness when trying to make a decision: . 1.) I take my time to think about it and I don’t reply immediately - especially if they ask in person. I let them know I’ll let them know soon! . 2.) I ask myself is this is a relationship I will have in a year and if it’s worth investing in. . 3.) If it’s a good friend but you just feel overwhelmed on time, I try to let them know or make a date after the holidays when things have slowed down to connect deeper. . 4.) I’m honest if I know I’m at my max and let them know I’m so grateful but my plate is full and wish them the most amazing time! . Look, some people’s feelings might be hurt, but honestly, your happiness and health is up to you and it takes boundaries to protect what matters most to you. You can’t make everyone happy, and I hope you hear this when I say the work for you today and every day is to start making peace with that so you can actually live life in your terms. . #atribecalledbliss
HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to the love of my life, my chosen soul mate and best friend @chriswharder ! I thank God every day for the man that you are and I’m constantly in awe of the human you’re becoming. Thank you for “growing” through this life with me. . You make me laugh every single day and remind me life is what you choose. You inspire me to push toward my dreams. You are my rock when the world feels shakey. You remind me that giving is the key to happiness. You slow me down and remind me to be present and take moments to take it all in. You inspire me as I watch your biggest drive and desire is to help the people around you find their gifts and use them. This year will be even better than the last year because that’s just how you look at life!!! I love you to the moon and back and would not trade this wild ride in for anything. Happy birthday Chris!!!!
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