Lori Wilhite

Love the incredible @JudWilhite / Founder of @leadinglovingit / Serving @centralonline / Mom of 2 hilarious kids & a stinky bulldog.

No matter what is on your schedule for today, take 10 minutes to listen to @mardialira on #justone2019 ! I know you'll be as encouraged as I was! . Not registered yet? It's never to late. Jump in at leadingandlovingit.com #leadingandlovingit
My friend @noelyeatts is bringing a powerful, encouraging word today at #justone2019 ! We are currently partnering with Noel and @world_help to build a baking school in Thailand. This school will give girls trapped in cultural slavery in the sex industry the job skills needed to find work in cafes, restaurants, bakeries and more. 75% of the funds have been raised. Consider donating to help us start construction soon. See details at lali.worldhelp.net
My friend @mrsstephcarter is sharing about being fearless today at #justone2019 ! I know I can often use a dose of courage in leadership! Haven't jumped into the free JustONE conference yet? Register now: leadingandlovingit.com
Any time I get to spend a few minutes with one of my favorite people on the planet, it's a very good day. Today at #justone2019 the fabulous @juliesrichard from @fearless_mom is sharing about caring more about the efforts of our ministry than the appearance of our ministry! "The chatter doesn't matter. The vision makes the decision!" . Not registered yet? It's never too late. Jump into JustONE today at leadingandlovingit.com
Not only is she one of my dearest friends and an incredible wordsmith, but she is also the real deal - someone who lives what she's teaching in Day 8 of #justone2019 ! Join @hosannapoetry today as she shares about living worthy. Register now at leadingandlovingit.com
Honesty and authenticity are sometimes hard to find in this hurting world. But they are vital. And Day 7 of #justone2019 with my friend @lisadharper is SO POWERFUL. Take just a few minutes today while getting ready for church or while cuddled on your couch before a good, Sunday nap to watch. Jump in now by registering at leadingandlovingit.com
Loved hearing from @juliaveach today on #justone2019 ! Reminded to "crush comparison before it starts." I need this reminder almost daily!! You can register for the free, online, direct-to-you virtual conference now: leadingandlovingit.com
Join over 6,000 people registered from 65 countries and 47 states jumping into #justone2019 ! Day 5 with @robinmayonline is 🔥🔥🔥! Take just a few minutes to pour into yourself! You'll be so glad you did! Register now at leadingandlovingit.com
Love spending a few minutes this morning with my fab friend @lysaterkeurst ! You should spend a few minutes with her today, too. Not registered for #justone2019 yet? No problem! Register now: leadingandlovingit.com
Challenged today to make sure I'm serving willingly, not grudgingly. Day 3 of #justone2019 was just the kick I needed! Don't miss out! You can still register now at leadingandlovingit.com
You are His daughter! You are an overcomer! You are strong! You have a powerful story! Now walk in that. #justone2019 #leadingandlovingit #centralonline
That moment your friend shares so openly and honestly about all God has taught her during the last tough season of her life, you're bursting with joy and celebration about where she is now! Don't miss Day 2 of #justone2019 because @brandiandboys epitomizes Real Women Being Real. No Masks. No Fear. No Phony. . It's never to late to join in. Register now at leadingandlovingit.com
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