Lori Wilhite

Love the incredible @JudWilhite / Founder of @leadinglovingit / Serving @centralonline / Mom of 2 hilarious kids & a stinky bulldog.

It’s the weekend! Bring it! What are your weekend plans? I’m starting off tonight with a mother/daughter movie night. 🙌🏼🎥
So excited that I got to team up with my favorite 17 year old to release this special Teen Edition of My Name is Victorious. This study will help your teen find strength, freedom & joy in who God created them to be. Your students will trade in the names that haunt them and hold them back for the names they were created for all along. The teen edition is perfect for pre-teens, teens, youth groups, and college-age boys and girls. Pre-orders start today. So buy your copy now: mynameisvictorious.com [link in profile] #mynameisvictorious
Hurt happens. It’s unavoidable. But hurt doesn’t have to hold us back! Jump into the Hurt But Not Held Back devo on YouVersion or at leadingandlovingit.com [link in profile]
“Number your days so you don’t waste your days.” Absolutely loving this new series! Weren’t able to make it to church? Hop on the @centralonline app and catch up. You’ll be so glad you did! #centralonline #bucketlist
I have a long list of weaknesses and failures. But I’m chosen anyway. And so are you. Tag a friend who needs to know they were chosen for whatever God has for them!
It’s a shame that sometimes it takes funerals to bring families together. But so blessed that all of the grandkids could surround my grandmother and support my Aunt Fran and cousin Chrissy on the day we buried my Uncle Mike. The love runs deep.
His compassions never fail. So thankful for that today! 🙌🏼
And so it begins. Happy first day of Senior year, @emmawilhite ! #sissygirlssenioryear
Let’s not let fear get in the way of who God has called us to be! #faithoverfear
When you’re 90 years old, you celebrate twice. Happy 90th Birthday to my sweet Grandmom. #ninetyisthenewfifty
You are amazing. Put that on repeat in your mind today. Then tag someone who needs to know how amazing they are.
So blessed by the friendship and leadership of these two crazy-awesome people. Sure do love @darryl_speers & @tracyspeers ! So thankful for the huge impact they’re having @centralkingman God is using them in huge ways. #centralonline
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