Louis Caile

21. NCL. JS♥️

The Poland squad
Yesterday was so much fun 🕺🏼
Double Trouble
Can’t wait for Saturday when I get to wear a funky shirt and dance 🕺🏼
No skeletons in my closet
My moon and stars 🌚 ✨
The ting goes...
Feelin it
Taking in Oxford 🕵🏼‍♂️
Couples that rave together, stay together (have you even been to Elrow if you don’t steal an inflatable)
Elrow with my southern gal 🎉
Funky shirt 🕺🏼
I need a dog in my life 🐶
What’s on the menu the neet?
Who’s a lucky man? Aye, me!
So much ginger
Christ I was pale at the start of my holiday
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