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Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby cousin!! She’s 1 of the most positive and compassionate people I know. Not only do we share a love of family, Fixer Upper, and the Anthropologie store, but dance since we were very little. I’m so proud of her for following her dreams. She’s bringing regular master tap teachers to @sdtapnight and it’s even sponsored, now! Haha, scroll to the end to see us in @shablambrose ‘s class! I’m proud of us for keeping up with the 18-yr olds, getting up off the ground, & getting our legs up to the same height. 😂👯‍♀️ Model/makeup/hair/style: @jane.downey
Thank you, Dad, for holding my hand, always being there for me, supporting me, helping me when I do fall (figuratively, haha, I didn’t fall here), and being the strongest and best male role model in my life!! Still #1 Dad in my world!! Happy Father’s Day to all of those hard-working, caring, loving dads out there! 👨‍👧‍👦
Happiest Birthday to one of the most playful male models I’ve ever shot!! I look forward to more exciting future shoots with @brianfriedman 🌟🎂🌟 Stylist: @shablambrose Photo assist: @kevinfr3y
Do any of you have that one friend that not only believes in and supports you 100%, but shows you through example by believing in themselves and accomplishing all of their dreams? Happy birthday to @kevinfr3y , who inspires by taking the most healthy risks, keeps showing up for himself and others, stays positive, and is the most organized and fun all at once!! I’m always genuinely thankful (with hands clasped) to have you in my life, Kevin. 😘 Model & Charlie’s agent: @kevinfr3y Stylist: @shablambrose Assistant: @rileygroot
My Mom has always put family first without complaint. I am so grateful for this, her unconditional love, faith, unwavering strength, sociability (balanced out my shyness), sense of adventure, emphasis on education (most fun teacher at school with activities), non-materialism, and so much more! She is my greatest mentor with her wisdom and having witnessed her continuous growth. Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite Mommy (and best Grandma to Charlie) and to all of you strong, beautiful Mothers that make this world go round! 💐
Woman Crush Wednesday goes to one of the women I love most in this world!! Such an incredible mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and business woman!! I’m always amazed at her abilities and got to see her work her thang at a boutique hotel event. Damn, she’s good at hospitality. 🍍@dcluxuryhospitality 🍍 (Friends since 1996)
Happy National Siblings Day!! This picture sums up me and my brother the best. He’s one of the most honest, intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working, fair, reliable, multi-talented, and loving people I know! I’m always so proud of him and can’t wait to visit him soon!! When we were little, we loved playing outside, collecting bugs, video games, and, of course, Disneyland. As the older sister, I was the boss (or had executive leadership skillz 😂). Do any of you relate to any birth order personality traits? It always cracks me up when someone fits a typical younger, middle, or older child syndrome.
Create together, stay together. Have any of you ever been a part of a team that created and produced together for so long? It’s bonding for life. These are OGs of Unity Dance Ensemble, the dance company I used to be a part of. Love these two so much and have loved watching them grow tremendously artistically. @a_vonhoffman 👸🏻is such a dope hair stylist, makeup artist, lighting designer, set designer... I wish I would’ve interned with her before!! And @shablambrose 🤴🏽, in case you didn’t know.
Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered. Karina has once again reminded me of another retro show that I used to watch. Anyone else remember Bewitched or have a favorite show from that era? 🔮 Model: @_.karinao Hair, Hair color and cut, Makeup, Style, Concept, and Brilliance: @dondyed
I need more vintage pinup photos in my life!! Karina and Don really made an ideal creative team with this concept. She’s reminding me of I Love Lucy! This is the only time I’ve ever used a gold reflector and it really brought out that warmth in her hair and skin tone. I can’t decide if I like the more vintage color grading in the first photo or without in the 2nd. Which do you prefer? Model: @_.karinao Makeup, Hair, Hair color and cut, Styling, Concept, and Brilliance: @dondyed 🤴🏽
Happy Easter, Passover, Springtime, Sunday!! These two and I did everything together growing up. I love coming from a BIG family and what I like about holidays is that it’s time I get to spend with them. It was so much fun to see the next generation enjoy the fun traditions we had during this holiday at the same house. I feel so fortunate that we love and accept each other despite differences in beliefs and practices. Hell, we had a civil discussion over politics today!! 😂 Also, I put a lot of love, time, and cursing into that Speckled Egg Vanilla Malt Cake with Vanilla Malt frosting and sunbathed with Charlie. 👯‍♀️🎂🐕🥚🐣💐 What were you up to today?
Kevin, pretty in pink, 2/3 Neapolitan ice cream, Peeps pink... or millennial pink? I found this to really compliment the tone in his skin, but it looked so flat with only the paper showing. I love the look of equipment showing in photos sometimes. Model: @kevinfr3y
A very Happy Birthday to this gorgeous new Mom!! 🎉🎂🎉 Michelle was so fit to trek for our outdoor photos and I tricked Ambrose into a mini hike, hehe. Glad he came because he saved me from getting further stuck in the burrs. I was so excited that I wasn’t paying attention at first. Playing around with Particle Shop, I couldn’t decide which version of the photo I like more. Which one is your favorite? Model: @michelleloucadoux 👸🏼 Hair/Makeup: @katehollinsheadmakeup Support and BTS photos: @shablambrose
It’s always fun to see your work show up in a magazine, especially one that you used to subscribe to! In the article, @brianfriedman talks about Staying Alive as the first film that made him want to dance. It’s funny how some of what Brian was in inspired me to dance when I was little, like Newsies and Kids Incorporated (check out his recent video post on Kids Inc. 🤣). He has had such an extensive, successful career with a well-rounded training background that is inspiration for any creative! Stylist: @shablambrose Photo assist: @kevinfr3y “Find Out Who and What Inspires Brian Friedman on the Dance Floor” @dancespiritmagazine
Happiest Birthday, @kcmonnie !! 🎂 In the likeness and spirit of Gene Kelly, we took many photos of this jump to get it just right. This is a quick slideshow of the process of making this composite photo. 5 different photos are pieced together and 43 layers finish the look in Photoshop. I had to add the shadow because I only owned 1 light at the time and there would’ve been no fill for his face. One of my goals in photography is to focus on details, staying short of perfectionism, but I may have gotten carried away here. As Gene Kelly would have followed through, it was worth it to me for this vision.🕺🏻☔️😂 Model: @kcmonnie (in the style of Gene Kelly by Philippe Halsman) Stylist: @shablambrose
Happy Birthday, Diana Ross!! 🎂 Diana is definitely Kaelynn’s inner musical diva. They even look alike! Who would be your musical diva? Model: @kaelynnharris (in the style of @dianaross by Viktor Skrebneski) Stylist: @shablambrose Hair install/style: @sewnatural1 Makeup: @madisonkarocho
Erica is such a classic beauty and talented dancer!! She looks stunning in this Spring dress! Who else is excited to bring out their warm-weather clothes?💃🏻💐 Model: @erica.rose Hair/Makeup: @katehollinsheadmakeup Stylist: @shablambrose
#marchforourlives #votethemout #neveragain #enoughisenough Marched in solidarity with 2 people I’m very proud of and many more that showed up in Riverside. The lack of action from our government toward ending gun violence across the board is beyond shameful. I’m hopeful with this young generation, who have organized these marches and won’t back down. Our Right to Live should be our most fundamental right! We deserve to feel safe in our schools, churches, concerts, clubs, movie theaters, carrying a bag of skittles, and more. Vote in Every.Single.Election. Call your Reps. Make our Government fund the research. Do everything in our power - comprehensive gun control, mental health, and whatever else - to END this. 🙏✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏽
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