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Happy 2nd Birthday (for yesterday) to my beautiful princess. We have had a huge two days.. farms, cakes, birthday parties and friends and I just want to thank everyone who helped us celebrate, call, send presents and helped out with today. She has had the absolute best two day ever 💕
Waaaaah I’m not okay about you being 2 tomorrow 😭
Oh my sweet baby girl. Only 2 more sleeps til you are 2 😭 And hoping this weather holds out so her little party can go ahead 🤞🏼 Happy Wednesday everyone! . Ps. How cute are these candy stripes from @willownoak 😍😍😍 I was never a fan until now!
I love our girl days! Hazel you are an absolute gem, your so gentle and patient and I enjoy every second with you my sweetheart. I also love dressing up in pink and twinning with you! Having a daughter is such a blessing 🌷 . We had an absolute ball today with @anchor_andsail , Hazel just adores her little boyfriend Tavae, and Eb I’m so glad to have met such an amazing friend so close 😘 Thank you for snapping this pic for us 💕
Dreaming of those warm sunny beach days! 🌞 . Okay we needed rain but 4 days non stop with more to come... you can stop now! We are all getting cabin fever! We made playdough today and painted the playroom wall! What are your favourite rainy day activities?? ☔️
In just one week, this little lady is 2! Time flew 100 times faster with Hazel then Harrison.. this past week she has shown me just how she isn’t a baby anymore, going to the toilet, having full conversations with me, telling me jokes, bossing me around. But we are just about 2 years into breastfeeding and these cuddles definitely bring her little innocent baby side back 😍😍😍 (She has also asked multiple times for peter rabbit and baby animals for her birthday present 🙈 damn qld laws with no bunnies!)
Hazel puts on these glasses and every time is an instant serious face 😂 How was your Wednesday ? Ours was seriously soooo hot and we are definitely in need of a storm ASAP! . Also from last nights post, I’m 99% sure my post was deleted because of a hashtag I used, which also brought a lot of creepy likes. Please mamas double check the hashtags you tag your babes in! Because one I thought was simple and innocent was FAR from it 🤢 . SWIPE for some sweet details of Harrison & Hazels gorgeous outfits from @two.darlings 💕
The sweetest sibling sink bath🌷 So I share a lot of milk bath photos, and have never had one reported and deleted but this one I shared the other night was.. These were from a few months ago.. actually said photo is still on my page from a few months ago. Pure innocence and absolutely not breaking any rules at all! So here they are again! 🌷Sorry we have been so quiet. I have been having so many migraines lately, so lots of quiet time. Happy Tuesday 🌷
Hooray for Saturday! It’s really our start the the weekend now as Dave only has Sunday off work! How has everyone’s Saturday’s been? We had a lazy day with movies and playdough because it has rained all day outside! . Ps.. @jimmiandbilli have just launched their website today.. they have gorgeous comfy clothing for both boys and girls 💕
Yesterday while the kids napped I enjoyed me time.. I ate some cookies, and edited some photos. (And then I watched some Netflix). What do you do when the kids nap? .... I should probably cook and clean but I’ll leave that for another time 🙈😂
Hooray for Friday 🙌🏻 and big floppy hats 🙌🏻 (that we probably won’t get to use this weekend as it’s going to be pretty miserable weather 😭). So that means finally starting our playroom and probably a few trips to good old Bunnings! . Completely side note.. have your kids (4 year olds) wanted a lazy day? Harrison literally refused to get out of bed ALL day.. he was still in bed when daddy got home at 5pm! which is extremely unlike him! He better not be getting sick 😭
Tyical morning... Hazel is always ready to attack Harrison 🙈😂 Tickles, Tackles and Kisses too! And Hazel is 100% the boss and Harrison knows it! Are your kiddies rough with each other too? Which sibling wears the pants? 🌸
I love the newborn stage, they are just so tiny, cuddley and innocent! But I think this is my second favourite age! Hazel is so talkative, and she does and says the funniest of things! She is crazy clumsy and needs to explore everything. She also loves dress ups, dancing and being as girly as it comes.. and then she loves mud too! She is also just so easy, but that may be because she is a girl 💁🏻‍♀️😂. (Just kidding). Bring on the (hopefully not so terrible) twos with this little lady! What has been your favourite stage with your kiddies so far? (I know they are all my favourite in different ways) 💕
This girl loves her Eskimo kisses 😘
Can you believe that there is only 12 weeks left until Christmas?! I can’t! And just over two weeks until this little ones 2nd birthday! Totally not organised 😱 I can’t believe how fast she is growing up! Do you organise all of your Christmas presents early or leave them til the week before like me ? 🙈
Hazels sweet little room is all coming together now! Tap for all the details 💕Today was a big day of clearing out the spare room, in prep for our new playroom! And moving Harrison’s bedroom around! Tag your favourite shops below for all things playroom... toys prints decor and more 😍 Harrison is soooo excited for this playroom, and I’m so excited to style a completely new and different space! Hope everyone has had an amazing Monday / Long Weekend 💕 . (And yes she is on the iPad... she was quiet so I left her haha)
Hooray for the long weekend! What does everyone have planned?? Our weekends go soooo fast (as I’m sure everyone’s do) with Dave working Saturday’s, so it’s exciting to have a full two day weekend! I’m hoping the weather clears up, but we are planning on finalising a few things in Hazels bedroom (@hope_and_jade We are hanging the canopy tomorrow 😍) and getting everything ready for the kids new playroom! Which I’m sooo excited about! We are F.I.N.A.L.L.Y starting to get over our sickness, so we have lots of photos planned for next week! So stay tuned for some Christmas and birthday cuteness! Happy long weekend everyone 💕
Sweet little high fives between cute little baby friends! Missing this warm sunny weather so much! Hopefully next week is better for weather and our health 🤞🏼🌞
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