J U L I A S H E P L E Y 🍑

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Air Moffa 🐏🌲
Iceland is a magical place ❄️ ⛄️ 💕
I got a serious travel itch this summer. I wanted to go somewhere insanely wild, beautiful and rural. One place kept coming to mind ❄️☃️...ICELAND!! It’s pretty amazing when a dream becomes a reality. Months of planning and dreaming now taking action. Can’t wait to explore and adventure with my dearest lady @kmoffa4 !! We’re driving around the island and will be off the grid!! CHEERS! 🍻 💕
Sometimes people can’t take their paws from your honey jar They’ve got a sweet tooth so bad For your lovin energy They’ll risk Sucking you dry Just to quench Their thirst.
👀 🍁
A very still Lake Champlain 💕🤤
Booty, Booty, Booty, Booty. Rockin... Everywhere. -Bubba sparxxx & THE ying yang twins. #happyfriday
HEY BURLY!! Can you please shamelessly tag your friends with amazing hair who live in Vermont? I’m looking for people with short hair, long hair, curly hair, black hair, blue hair... you name it. Tag your hair admirer here so I can find them 😛
Myth: When it’s not perfect it’s broken.
I really really love people that are different. Please never stop being different. Even if it doesn’t look like what other people are doing around you, even if at times you feel like you don’t fit in and it hurts. Express yourself, with your career, love, clothes, feelings, hair, sexuality, passions, beliefs. If you feel like you don’t belong, slip into my DMs and I’ll make sure you understand how god damn special you are. Because life is a gift, and this is not a dress rehearsal, and the world needs your fire and so do I. 📷: @goldwingphotography
✨ ✨
She wrapped me in her worry tapping on my unconscious  waiting for me to be ready to hear what she had to teach me I held her broken twisted hand she said: be fearless And I am reminded I’ve lived thousands of years. 📷: @goldwingphotography
A truly special shoot with a new dear friend 🌞
So incredibly excited that I have my best friends art on me forever! I highly recommend you go check out @c.jane.b ‘s page and appreciate her incredible work! I love you so much chloe!! Thanks for giving me this sweet lady. And big thanks to @claymohrlighting for being the best wing man ever. 💕 💕 💕
M’ ladies, M’ ladies, missing these sweet M’ ladies...
Sweet nature thank you for teaching me everything I need to know about being myself ✨
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