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A big fuck ya to women entrepreneurs. @loveverite
The heart aches. California you were a gift I had no idea I needed so badly. I truly don’t know what the future holds. If you asked me a year ago I would’ve been so sure. May we never have all the answers, always be receptive to life lessons, and continue on with open hearts & trust that we are held and cared for more then we could ever comprehend.
Morgan ✨
Oh Valentine’s Day. HEY! You don’t need a lover to celebrate this day. Love yourself, love your mom, love your sis, love your best friend, love your dog, love your neighbor. Love love love. In the meantime, today I celebrate loving mista mista @nafrican. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again my relationship has been my greatest teacher. Some people are made to grow on their own and then enter a loving and open partnership. Sounds literally amazing and I’m jealous of people like that. My work began when I met Mista Nick. My relationship pushed me to grow with someone and feel safe doing it and the first year we dated I was actually clinically insane. Now I can relax knowing he loves me ❤️ thank fucking god! Took a long time to trust that he wasn’t going to run for the hills. The greatest gift I’ve learned is that it’s not perfect. Before I left for California I thought we were actually going to kill each other 😂. The real moments of gold are when it gets tough, when you make it through the discomfort, say what you feel even if it’s scary, and grow together. Thanks for doing it all with me. I love you 💕.
Change of plans 🤪 can’t seem to leave California yet. Delaying my trip for a week for more photo shoots 📷. I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and to be here. I really didn’t know this was going to happen. I took a risk booking this trip and I manifested and trusted that everything would fall into place. I feel on top of the 🌍. Missing my valentine @nafrican but pretty god damn psyched to be here. Nick maybe pack up our life and meet me out here?? 😉 ☀️ 🌊 🏄‍♀️
Just a bit scraggly.
Feeling aligned 🙏🏼. It’s been an incredible week in LA jam packed with photo shoots with some incredible women. I love experiencing their own unique energies they show up with. @loveverite was a highlight. 💕
Sunrise with @morgannorthway ✨ 💙. She’s a star! ⭐️
C.A.L.I.FORINIIIIIIA BOUND! Praise and kisses to my camera for pushing me to take risks and create. Freaking the fork out for surf, sunshine and most importantly some soul quenching sister time with some of the most influential women in my LIFEEEEE. 💃🏼💕☀️🏄‍♀️🦐🌹🍷
👋🏼 ⛄️
May we always have best friends to play dress up with 🖤📸: @claymohrlighting. Feeling so incredibly grateful for FRIENDSHIP lately. When life gets turbulent, it’s such a gift to have friends who make us feel understood and loved. I think sharing with friends and feeling connected is truly one of the most spiritual experiences and gifts. May we never ever take it for granted. 🔮
My dearest darling. Once upon a time frolicking naked and drinking Coronas in Cali. ☀️ 🍺 🐳
If you’re an entrepreneur, trail blazer, artist, creative millennial, or anyone who resonates with doing things differently even though at times it’s scary... Repeat after me: . . Opportunities and income flow to me because I am taking risks and following my dreams. . . Say it, think it, feel it, believe it. This is your new mantra.
👋🏼 👋🏼 I missed you, kind of. It was nice to be away from you for a little. Boundaries, ya know. One thing I took away is that I really really do NOT love the scroll hole that sucks me in regularly...but I really really love sharing myself and photography here. January has been intense!!!! Is anyone else out there feeling it? It hasn’t been all lil undies 👙and bo doggies🐶 over here.....It’s like everything you don’t want to face isn’t letting you make another move without facing it. My advice: be brutally honest about your needs and wants AND stay light, grateful and don’t take it all too seriously (good luck 😉) Also, share. Share with your best friends share with your boyfriend share with your dog, mom, sister, brother, rando sitting next to you. Share. Share. Share. It will make you feel human. 💜
Taking a much needed digital detox 👋🏼 see you when I’m back. Love ❤️ you.
This is a picture of a pretty leaf in the snow. And on a unrelated note HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!! Life is a gift, we know this. Love you all endlessly.
Happy Holidays everyone. So much to be grateful for ❤️ especially puffy kisses.
Cave karate #airmoffa
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