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Ah, the start of the festive season. So much fun to be had. So much to seriously wind you up. When it all gets too much, take a moment to re-centre with this simple meditation that you can do anywhere, any time. ⠀ How to: ⠀ 1. Find a comfortable position with your back straight⠀ 2. Set your timer for five minutes⠀ 3. Breathe in deeply for two seconds, hold for two seconds, exhale for two seconds, hold for two seconds⠀ 4. Repeat this practice until the timer brings you out⠀ Tip: if you find your mind wandering, gently bring your attention back to the counts of the breathe. You may want to repeat the words 'in' as you breathe in, and 'out' as your breathe out. ⠀ #feelgoodgiving
Holiday – it's a state of mind. If you're not there yet, our stores can help with that. #feelgoodgiving
Your Saturday mission: spend time in the great outdoors. It doesn’t need to be a huge adventure or an Instagram-worthy hike. Skate, bike, do a lap around the block—it all counts. Just👏🏼get👏🏼outside👏🏼. ⠀ Here are (some of) our favourite hikes around Australia and New Zealand. Tell us yours below. ⠀ Adelaide; Chambers Gully Hike, perfect for trail running without the tourists⠀ Brisbane; Mount Coolum, 17% incline hiking up, and a 100% chance you’ll upload a photo to your Instagram Canberra; Mount Ainslie, share the track with wallabies on your way to the best view of the capital city⠀ Hobart; Mt Amos, hike/rock climb to overlook Glass bass⠀ Gold Coast; Cougar Cascades, waterfall central ⠀ Melbourne; Cathedral Range State Park, feel like you are flying above the clouds ⠀ New Zealand; Comrade Pinnacles, where the mountains meet the clouds⠀ Perth; Zamia Trail, you get the best of both worlds on this trail: WA’s gorgeous coast, and the Perth city skyline⠀ Sydney; Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk, short, steep and oh-so beautiful ⠀ #feelgoodgiving
"What I teach my students in yoga is 10% about the physical and 90% about bringing the philosophy of yoga into their lives. When someone comes up to me after class to tell me that something resonated with them on a personal level, it's the ultimate gift. Nothing beats that feeling of giving; making a difference in someone's day, week or maybe life. " - @jesskrausher , lululemon Northern Regional Manager and yoga teacher. #feelgoodgiving ⠀ [Photo c/o @mattdelaney_ ]
Our classic Wunder Under Tight just got a Special Edition update, and we wouldn't blame you if they make their way to the top of your wish list.
Weight up. Made to handle the work it takes to better your personal bests, the Metal Vent Tech Muscle Tank features the anti-stink technology you know and love with a new school muscle cut.
Hold some space for gratitude today – to yourself, your friends, the sky (finally) clearing up on a run, in the surf, or around the table with your loved ones (and knowing that the season of giving is just around the corner). #feelgoodgiving #lululemonausnz
Gym, pavement, or the studio – as long as sweat is involved, we're right there with you. New gear is here in time for sweat(er) weather, featuring supportive styles with strategic ventilation for maximum breathability. Get (up and) around it.
⠀ It's back - and ready to be your most supportive partner yet (in so many ways, are we right?). Get into the Oxygen Bra.
It’s here. And It’s gold. Meet our limited-edition holiday shopper—feels good giving it, feels good receiving it. In store only. #feelgoodgiving
Daily challenge: step away from your routine and get familiar with unfamiliar surroundings. Meet the season of adventure with our go-to gear and make the most of your weekday (or weekend) plans.
Zip in, dive in, drop in - ride this wave. ⠀ Featured: Swell Seaker Paddle Top
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