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Today 40 members of our European collective - from employees and store ambassadors to friends we’ve met along the way - are in Manchester gearing up for tomorrow’s @great_run 10km or half marathon. To prep the mind and body, we hit the pavement for an easy 1 mile run followed by yoga and a goals session. Will you be running tomorrow? We’ll be cheering you on (and you won’t miss us). #greatmanchesterrun #thesweatlife
Keep it light on warmer days. Meet the special-edition Wunder Under with lace panels to keep air flowing.
For @run.dem.crew runner, Rob Ellis, his weekly time with the crew is more than just about logging KMs. It’s his time to connect with others on everything from celebrating achievements, big or small, to discussing mental health, depression and anxiety. “If you’re next to somebody for a few hours, the topics you talk about are so much broader. You put people in a place where they feel like they can be who they want to be and you can open up discussion on all sorts of topics.” There are a million reasons to run - whether that's to meditate on the move, clear your mind or connect with others - time and distance are just two of them. Hit the link in bio to read more from @run.dem.crew members. #thesweatlife #mentalhealthawarenessweek
Sweatlife Festival just got bigger––new studios, new classes, more endorphins. See the full lineup and get your ticket for June 22nd - 23rd through the link in bio. Are you coming? #SweatlifeFestival
The Take the Moment collection from @robertgeller x lululemon is here. Made for seamless transitions through 96 hours in a modern urban lifestyle, these pieces leave you ready for every moment, from rush hour to reflection and early morning runs to late night flights. Link in bio. #thesweatlife
Yoga. Run. Goals. This weekend, in celebration of our partnership with the @simplyhealthuk @great_run Manchester, our team hosted a 3-part shakeout event with 100+ runners to warm up for the big race on May 19th. Are you running? Find all the tools you need to get race-ready through the link in our bio.
A community, a family, a collective of people united by their love for running—this is @run.dem.crew.
“Running with Run Dem Crew has helped me overcome my feelings of self-doubt, both in sports and life in general. It has encouraged me to strip away the nonsense and find a sense of clarity.” With running season well underway, we caught up with a few members of @run.dem.crew to dive into their reasons for lacing up each week. For RDC member @isabellavalentini , who conquered the marathon last weekend, running has unlocked a sense of confidence and community. “I never felt like I was enough before but running has become an antidote to the negativity I was feeling against myself. It now makes me realise that all the time I beat my body up and said horrible things to it, it never gave up on me. What matters the most is that I’m just going out there and giving it a go.” Pictured here: Isabella reaching the infamous Mile 21 cheer zone. For more inspiring stories on @run.dem.crew ’s members, head to the link in our bio. 📷: @broguescm
300 confetti canons, hundreds of spectators and one common goal––to give runners that extra push of encouragement when the going gets tough at Mile 21. Today at the marathon, @run.dem.crew set up their infamous cheer station for the 11th year in a row, transforming a grey stretch of road into a lively, colourful rave. With “those who don’t run, must cheer” as their guiding motto, you can bet this was no ordinary crew of marathon onlookers. Led by RDC Founder and Global Run Ambassador @daddydarkrdc , Cheer Dem brings together the run community across marathon weekend, culminating in a day of loud cheers and good vibes that can be heard from miles away. To everyone that crossed that finish line, here’s to you—the marathon is officially in the books. 📷: @simonrphoto
As the kick off to #LondonMarathon weekend, there was a different kind of race taking to the streets of London last night—@takethebridge , hosted by @run.dem.crew. Coming from New York, this unsanctioned race brings together international run crews and some of the city’s fastest to race bridges. With no set route, mile markers or time clocks, it’s competing by intuition. We chalked the starting line, the hype was high, and the runners took off onto a course they had been handed moments before. Missed the action? Check out the highlights in our stories. #takethebridge 📷: @simonrphoto
Three days, 100 ambassadors, one epic community. Our ambassadors are inspiring leaders, driven athletes and doers from all around the world that are making an impact in their communities every day. Coming from across Europe and the Middle East, they took some time out to spend three days with us in the mountains of Chamonix to get a sweat on and connect—with each other, themselves and their vision. Safe to say, these people are all up to big things and we’re left feeling grateful and incredibly inspired. #ambassadorsummit
Happening now: our ambassadors have landed and #ambassadorsummit is officially underway. This week we're in the mountains of Chamonix, France with 100 of our epic ambassadors from across Europe to connect, get in conversation and work up a good sweat. Curious to know more? Stay tuned throughout the week for the inside scoop.
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