okojie Lydia

I am Lydia Okojie A model. 👧 A singer A painter A staff @AGodsentfoundation Budget secretary general(NUESA) A lover of the living God

Aren't gonna stop loving my dream
Its so nice to be around people who love and support your dream, only then you would crave to attain higher goals
Save the date August 11, its gonna be an amazing Event
Let's have some fun with nigerian attires
Happy birthday to MYSELF
Where do I begin? Ok firstly I want to take time to appreciate my utmost personality, the one who has been with me even from the realm of creation, the one who turns situation around for good, the same being who listen to the cry of the heart and grant my heart desire he's no other than GOD ALMIGHTY, MY ŌBA NŌ SŌBA, OKUTE TĒBITĒ NĒGUŌGHŌ, well I can't express his kindness towards me. My joy knows no bound having to bring me into my blessed family on this beautiful day JULY 27. My mom was so happy to have me in her arms My dad was so filled with gladness and amazed to hear that he has a daughter, himself and mom couldn't hide their joy They both named me LYDIA ACT 16:14 Countless number of times have made mistakes the above beings(GOD, DAD & MOM) never ceased to love and correct me. Lemme take my time to say to my siblings, am so blessed to have y'all you are the best, my priceless jewels. This day I want to say happy birthday to MYSELF AND KID SISTER JULY 27. Lord all I pray for on this day is for your grace never to cease, This world is so full of things good and bad Lord please help me not to fall short of GRACE AND GOOD TIDINGS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF LYDIA ESEOGHENE AIRENOSE OKOJIE.
Its all about my birthday
Birthday Alert!! Save the date July 27 @ diaspora event center, idusogie street, close to crystal suit, G.r.a Benin city. Time 4pm
I might not have everything but am happy to have God's grace more than enough
All I see is my bright future
Only a true heart can love you for you, thanks to God for His endless mercy
Nice moment
Too much sauce
If you don't care for your dreams You will be hired to build for others, life of a model is indeed amazing
Let your dream speak And make it real
True beauty speaks from within
IDIA DAY COMING SOON powered by @ambdionosagie
Never give up keep your zeal high you will arrive at your desired goal
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