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There is a path of life that one chose When you haven't found YOURS you tend to always copy people that comes your way neglecting your abilities, this brings conflict of interest. Traveled from Benin to Lagos for a pageant MISS MOTIVATIONAL NIG BRAIN PAGEANT TO LEARN AND WIN Miss motivational Nigeria is A pageant without sales of form, without payment of camp fee, without selling tickets but solely spare headed by AMB MRS Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick to empower youth of our great country Nigeria she camped us all for free, fed us for four days indeed she is a blessing to humanity. THANKS FOR THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY AMB CHIBUZOR MBASO Patrick What YOU GAVE ME WORTH MORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS MAY GOD BLESS YOU. Thanks to mc lucky wise who brought my attention to this amazing platform God bless you too Came to Lagos I knew no one here Still I never lost focused on the goal, it was tough though, having graduate and under graduate to compete with. I took my time to study and download all what I was taught online, and in camp by my lecturers HON MARTINS, BARR IFIZORWAN, RETIRED CIVIL SERVANT MRS IFY, AND THE PRINCIPAL OF A SCH IN LAGOS MRS SALLY LOVETH. AT LAST MY HARD WORK PAID I WON THE CONTEST HERE IN LAGOS ALL THE WAY FROM BENIN CITY, EDO STATE. THANKS TO ALL WHO VOTE FOR ME AND THOSE WHO DIDN'T YOUR EFFORT WE'RE NOT IN VAIN THANKS TO MY PARENTS FOR BELIEVING IN ME, you both have given me more than enough to earn a successful life, am gonna keep making you both proud.
Never throw yourself on men, Else you end up as a MEDIOCRE, You can be whoever you want to be Only if you have a TEACHABLE HEART and a FREE SPIRIT, ONE ALWAYS READY TO LEARN. @uniben_mua_official @bethmodelafrica @naomi @gigihadid @hm @face_of_sug_nigeria @nigeriamodellook @mahogany_models @nigeriafashionshow @in_germany @pvdworld @dnamodels @officiallindaikeji @instablog9ja @thechefchi_blog
Hello everyone am in for a contest face of SUG NIG, it's a school national contest, am a student of UNIBEN, I really need your support to get to the top, all you have to do is search for face of sug Nigeria on Instagram, follow and like my pics, tag your friends to do same, you can send a fee of #25 or more to the account number(0428117734) displaying on my photo please support me to win, I am entirely grateful
please help me win this award by voting for me please. Check house_of_sundking, follow the instructions and vote please it’s not hard. Just like my pix, comment I vote for Lydia OKOJIE and follow the page please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ or follow this link and vote for her
The whites say if you want to hide anything from an African man you "HIDE IT IN A BOOK", this is so because Africans DON'T READ. Africans thought it wise by allowing the young and old attend school, learning how to read and write. Now we(young Africans the future leaders) can read and write, yet RIGHT HERE IN AFRICA NIGERIA PRECISELY, there is NO PROGRESS the RICH GET RICHER and the POOR GET POORER Why should we have a country with rulers who didn't attend school but want to rule those who ARE SCHOOLED and remain in the position not wanting to LEAVE, EXPERIENCE IS NOT THE BEST TEACHER BUT ONE OF THEM. Now we are schooled where are the jobs, Where are the good roads, where is electricity, were is security, where is development in our country Nigeria ARE THEY IN THE BOOK? I am LYDIA OKOJIE A TOP MODEL
Happy New Month and a better NIGERIA
I feel Independence should be a time to show love. Join A godsent foundation on the LOVE RACE
In the struggle of greatness you have to be prepared for challenges
Stay focused
My attention has been drag to this by Friends, fans, supporters, and loved ones about this FACEBOOK ACCOUNT LYDIA OSAGIE, this account has demanded ransom from people telling them he/she's gonna send a nude photo of me and some bad things as well please DISCARD account and report this account as I, LYIDA OKOJIE ISN'T A FRAUDSTER, and this account is fake. For all victims of this account kindly unfriend and report account. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Living my dream!
Live is sweet o, when Jesus enter life is sweeter.
I emerged winner of MISS ULTRA CAL C 26/08/2018, thanks to generix global Ltd for the opportunity, courtesy pharmaceutical association of Nigeria students (PANS)
Thanks to God for the success so far
Aren't gonna stop loving my dream
Its so nice to be around people who love and support your dream, only then you would crave to attain higher goals
Save the date August 11, its gonna be an amazing Event
Let's have some fun with nigerian attires
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