There's no point in regretting, you can't change the past. Move forward and stop stressing over something you have no control over. ❤️Hypenet Gh❤️

Great is Your mercy towards me Your love and kindness towards me Your tender mercy, I see Day after day Forever faithful towards me And You're always providing for me Great is Your mercy towards me Great is Your grace!!! 8/8 His Grace is Sufficient!!! Congratulations to me..!!🎉 🎊🎉🍾 Hair Bundles: @hair_by_blair11 Hair Laid by: @beautybudget__ Frontal: @beautybudget__ Fabric: @korlekkidavies Dress: @mawunya_newel Make up by: @ephya_aliehs Heels: @beautybudget__ Photography: Yours truly 🥰🔥🎉@studioone_photography Photography again: @studioone_photography 😩😩 Can’t get enough Smile owned by: @gagaranks Please swipe for more🔥. Thank you Lord!!!
As usual I can’t get enough of you both😩😩😩😩😩😩 #favartists in the whole fuckennnnnn worllllldddddd💜💜💜💜🥰😩💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ISSA BOMB BOMB BOMB🔥🔥🔥 @symplysimi
It is not a Jam if it’s not from the @symplysimi camp..!!! All time fav Artist...All freaking time...!!! #Simiarmy #iDunCare
Fear What You Don’t Know 👅👅👅
I remind myself every year on this special day how blessed I am to have been given another year to experience the wonders of this beautiful world! God is good! My birthday is a day I cherish and love..!! It’s here again and I always anticipate this day for two vital reasons; Because it reminds me of how far I’ve come in life and also of the time I’ve got left to reach my aims! Yes I’m very ambitious and Oh yeah very very annoying 🤦🏽‍♀️ Happy Birthday to someone who is full of unbelievable awesomeness! Happy Birthday to someone that’s one-in-a-million and the creme of the crop! You are the icing on the cake! That’s right, I sure am! I’m another year older and another year more gorgeous, intelligent, and talented as ever! Cheers to a brand new year full of laughter, love and more money!...Lots and Lots of money!! Well; Dear God...As we discussed...I know you still with your daughter...! Happy Birthday To Me!!!💕💕💕 Photo Credit: My very Own @studioone_photography 💕💕 the very best 😩😩😩 Hair by: The Slayer himself @successhairsignaturesalon1 Makeup by: Yours truly @thickchickslaying Smiles by: The Owner,manager and Only Boss💕💕💕 @gagaranks #Januarysfinest #birthdaymisbehavior #31stQueen #itsallgod #behappy
From Sun Up To Sun Down, We Have The Best Party In Town‼️. BENEDICTION3 happening this December 22 at Warm Wood Hotel, Dansoman Keep Fit Down @pressuredivas @peer_pressure_1 Rate:20 Cedis Time: 2pm Till you can’t party no more!!💯💃🏽🔥👅 Pin the Date 😎
This Kind Thing I Never See Oh😩😩😩😩 @gagaranks #MCE #Benediction3 #subway #subwaylevel
Less noise🤐🤐🤐It's Monday😴💯👅💋 #MCE @gagaranks
I am the Last of my Kind❣#studioonephotography #gracebound
#MCM Errday❣️ @gagaranks
Too much sauce 👅 Too much juice 😋😋😋
Some rise through sin😒; By virtue some fall 🚶🏻‍♀️
Some rise through sin; By virtue some fall
In The End.......You👈🏻 All That You👈🏻 Got👊🏻💪🏻 @empire_divas @desiadenyo__
They say "Soulmates Never Die", we been back and forth in this our Journey of friendship and we still here together 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩and strong 💪🏼 All the deep shit I wanna write are old, old as me😂 so lemme just leave this here and Celebrate you as the Queen you are 👑 God bless you today and make you great,May he help you accomplish all your dreams and aspirations and protect you as well.. I LOVE YOU BABYGIRL😘 Have a blissful one🎁🎊🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎂 @nanaakus @nanaakus
Some rise by Sin; By Virtue some fall.🌑 @2reeski_lc
Third to my heart 😁😁😁😬😬 can't stop loving you both😫My joy right after My Bae! You everything to me!! I just want you both to know that Big Sis loves you both immensely ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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