USD458 Guard Director 🏴🏳️ Mother of Two! 💖

Luckily my niece will loves these regardless if they’re perfect! 😅🦄💖
Olivia’s face perfectly matches her love towards her brother at the moment! Julian’s face says he wants to hate it because it’s uncool to admit it, but he whole heartedly loves it! These ladies and gents are my insanely weird kids. I love them to the moon and back! ❤️
The burnt polar bears sum up my day. 😶
Cookie days are the best days when shared with family! ❤️🍪
wor·thy /ˈwərT͟Hē/ adjective • deserving effort, attention, or respect. Have you thought to yourself lately. What’s worthy of your attention, efforts and respect. I have been. It’s hard to appease everyone and make them happy. Then again it’s not your job to make everyone happy. I’ll be turning 30 in February and that makes me realize I need to prioritize my time and efforts to what’s worthy of my time and efforts. Somedays that’s myself and I’m unapologetic about it. Other days it’s whole heartedly my family.❤️❤️ What’s worthy of you attention, effort and respect?
Move it or loose it right @thealisonshow ?! Somedays you just have to move it and not care what anyone thinks. Because you only live once and if you worried about everyone’s opinion you’d never let your weird shine through!!! So get out today and let your freak flag fly with your super duper fly dance moves! Make Napoleon Dynamite proud! Make your mom proud! Make @thealisonshow & @alaskaair Proud! Above all else make yourself proud! 💖#superduperflydanceoff #Instagramtimecutoffthatstheworst #iam1stphorm #iflyalaska
If you don’t think you can ‘afford’ to be healthier because it requires a million top cookware items. Or you think you have to have the top grill gadget. Let me tell you. A: YOU DON’T & B: I’m pretty sure Patricia’s grandma, Karen, most likely donated her boy George the lean mean grilling machine to your local thrift store. Go out and find yourself one. It’s probably on a throwback deal and won’t break ya bank! That or ask your grandma! 👵🏻 ❤️(Full disclosure: I can’t guarantee either scenarios will or could occurred. 🤣) Prepping more turkey burgers to survive the holiday week!! During @1stphorm Fall Sprint Challenge I’ve been working hard to make up lost ground from the Summer months of getting off my plan. I knew I’d have absolutely zero time to commit, so to avoid wasting everyone’s time and lying to myself. I opted out. I don’t regret my decision one bit and if anything it helped me reaffirm my goals along with who and what inspires me/ motivates me. So if you made it through my ramblings please know I am incredibly thankful for @jacqueline.penna - @stl_momshell & my kids for motivating and inspiring me always! 💖 Also @jamieeschrich for challenging me to get up and just move by hitting my 10k step goal! ❤️❤️❤️ #mytransphormation #momshell #iam1stphorm #whateverittakes #100to0 #worthyfitlifestyle #gblk #getbiglikekurtisordietrying
Posting this lil gem that’s been in my drafts since summer. Our neighborhood block of kids won’t be the same without Alison to lead the group! 😭❤️
Mom can you read me a book? Sure Julian! Go crawl in my bed and I’ll be in in just a few minutes. It took me a max of ten minutes to finish meal prepping for the rest of the week. He was out! Olivia wasn’t though! 🤣❤️😴
Perfect ending to the evening. The annual family bonfire and spooky trail!❤️👻🔥
So proud of these two ladies today getting on the stage and trying something new! They gave it their all! 💖🙌🏻 #teamjoco
Tomorrow!!!!! These two incredibly fun spirited and talented young ladies will get to compete as friends for Miss Outstanding Teen! I can’t wait to cheer them on! Good Luck Ladies and I know you’ll do amazing!!!! 🙌🏻💖👑
Trying to keep up with these two! ❤️
He’s so proud of his candy haul and he thinks he’s being sneaky! 🤣👻🎃🍬🍫🍭
So proud of these girls and the work they put into this marching season! ❤️🔥 #movementthreeislit #foundry2018
We are ready to get this indoor competition lit! These girls have worked so hard all season !! And we as their coaches are so proud of them!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥 #BLHSguardcats #colorguard #movementthreeislit
Julian captain of hating homework / spelling words, but bonus word - Halloween!! 🎃 👻 Clearly he’s not amused. ☠️
And then they we #BeZahndBlessed 🎉👰🏻🤵🏼
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