Attache de Press.

大好きな先輩と息子さんの森太郎くん❤️ あー、可愛かったなぁ😍
Miss you
Where everyone’s fallen in love #letoureiffel #paris
Beautiful Musée du Louvre #paris #pariscollection
Gorgeous jewelry of @apmmonaco
Graffiti city Melbourne #graffiti
❤️❤️❤️ @1992.me
1st day in Byron bay
懐かしの一枚 @i_am_takahashi @pr01.global
Last day of my work. I can not thank you enough who always support me and by my side. Days I could work with you were priceless and become one of the best moment in my life. Everything that I experienced with you led me to the next level and for that I really appreciate it. I could enjoy every moment, even a hard time because it was with you. You are family, friends and tutor. You guys are the best! Thank you so much for everything Love
Love you all
想い出を保存 #中学校 #同窓会 #友達 懐かしいスローガン #一期一会
Early Christmas with my family. It's always fun to be with you. Merry Christmas #christmas #family #sisters
Nakameguro is enchanted #christmas #illumination #magic
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