A good bass can solve any problem, can't it?

Check out @gunplayclothing new cropped jerseys🤗 #gunplayclothing
Just another day in paradise🌅
Find twins who take better selfies, I'll wait😊happy #nationalsiblingday nerd❤
All are welcome to enter! @gunplayclothing are looking for new recruits😁 #gunplayclothing
So far in these 20 years, you've aggravated me, irritated me, ignored me, scared the shit out of me, almost drowned me (tb to Maine🤙), competed against me, encouraged me, confided in me, comforted me, and inspired me. And this week you have made me more proud of you than I ever have been. So this is a so long for now kiddo, I'll take care of everyone over here. All of us back home are going to miss you but I'm happy to know you have a home away from home❤
@gunplayclothing #gunplayclothing I'd love to represent you😊
This is going to be the toughest thing for both of us to date, but we're too stubborn not to make it through and be stronger dammit. I'm going to miss you way too much, but Christmas will be here soon enough. Love you ya noob❤️💞
Don't sleep on me✨
All right Spring semester let's see what you got👊
Wow was 2016 crazy. From thinking picking prom dresses was the most stressful thing I would have to do to graduating from the last part of my childhood, I can definitely say it was a memorable one. To everyone who got me through it, y'all know who you are and mean more than you know💖2017, get ready for me😎
I intend to populate Instagram with children's characters for Child Cancer Awareness Week. Give me a like and I'll assign you a character💖
Why can't summer be year round😫
Happy West Indie Carnival🇧🇧
This is part #tbt , part #wce , and all #bestfriendappreciationpost because I absolutely love this girl to death. I've known her for 3 years but it feels like way longer. She is the sister I never got, my main, my day 1, my wifey and MY BEST FRIEND SO ANYONE ELSE TRYING TO CALL HER THAT I WILL CUT YOU.😤😪Anywho, just wanted to say appreciate you times a thousand and can't wait to see what crazy thing we do next. Love you babe💖 @c_collins16
Couldn't have asked for a better date😁 #prom2k16
About damn time😌
Happy National Siblings day to the most amazing brothers I could ever ask for. Yes, you both get in my nerves but I do the same to you so it's okay🤗I love you guys so so much💖
My favorite Turkey 🦃
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