A camera is a save button for the mind's eye "Amazing Pakistan" and ofcourse a "Talented Photographer"😊 #beautifulpakistan
Meet My Best Friend❤ #loveofmylife 💕
True Love True Colours ❤💗💗
❤💗❤My Favourites
All the best and prayers for Ahad's new serial Aangan, he put his heart and soul in this project. I am very grateful to @momina.duraid for believing in him always #mominaduraid #aangan #ahadrazamir #azyteam #urdu
"Manzoor Barti Ho Kay Jung Main Chala Gaya"❤💗❤ haar koi "Chammi" nahin hoti💗 #aangan
"Dil tu main kub ka day chukka hoon" and "Sara zor daddi pay laga dia😊" this one is my favourite ❤❤"Haseeno Jameel aur Shararti aur Pyari Chammi" #aangan
"TRUE FRIENDS" and "one is missing" @duraidqureshi .We dont judge each other, we judge others together😉 #bestfriendforever #schoolbuddies
"Shamain Hamesha Udhass Hoti Hain" aur "Khushamdeed"❤ I've seen it million times just to believe its him speaking Urdu so beautifully❤❤❤ #aangan
Roshan Din Aur Jugmug Rataain❤ #imsohappy #bestdayofmylife
Speechless❤❤❤😊😂Shitaan😊Irshad😘"Cutest Fans Ever" #sahad #aangan #cutestfan #
"Tu kub tak bhagay ga aur mujhay bhagai ga"😊 Haseen o Jameel aur Chammi jaisa koi nahin❤❤❤
Thankyou to all the wonderful and beautiful people, seriously you guys are the best, because of you "KoKorina" is still going strong more than "1 million"😍 ..Also thankyou to the incredible critics, your constructive criticism will make ❤Ahad❤ work more harder. Love you all...Big thanks and tons of love to 💖Sajal💖for the video #ahadrazamir #mominamustehsan
Trending #4 ❤❤❤❤Thankyou Thankyou I love you all and it applies to the critics as well because of you guys he will work even harder.
When acting is in your DNA😍 I always knew he is a big drama loveyou❤❤❤ #happybirthdaymylove
Happy Birthday to the most humble and loving person who has the finest taste in life .....ofcourse I am his choice ❤❤❤ #timetocelebrate
Sub ka "Haseeno Jameel" aur bahut hi "Khoobsurat Chammi" #talentedpeople #soproudofyouguys #aanganhumtv
"A smile is the shortest distance between two people" True or False ???
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