Me @mons13r and @mr.d_southland after a long day on set😎 wrapping up the day on Get Shorty flashback Friday
Me and my brother from another mother on the Goliath set down time flashback Friday
Flashback Friday always representing RAIDER NATION
Had a blast working with all my Raza on this movie make sure u guys go check out me and the homies doing are thing on the big screen #madeinelmonte #setlife #peppermint #brownactors #secoya
Always a bad guy never a good guy😎 right here with Juan Pablo chopping it up about his role in Shot Caller #madeinelmonte #setlife #peppermint
Peppermint is finally here make sure you go check it out tomorrow
Always a blast at glamis Ride or die Beer and sand cash grass or ass nobody rides for free
All that riding on the Mayan's made me think of glamis let's go cuzz fucken beer and sand🏍🏍🏍🤘🤘🤘i always have a blast with my family out there been a while
Saw the first episode last night Kurt Sutter knocked it out the park again basically SOA but with Raza can't wait till the next one
Sometimes you just got to go for it #madeinelmonte #secoya
Flashback Friday great day on set we were shooting in East Los snowfall takes place in the 80's about the cocaine epidemic #madeinelmonte #secoya #snowfall
My first gig was Training Day the show but the first time I saw myself on tv was on snowfall season 1 meet Dub C from West side connection me @mr.d_southland @comptonhub2100 we're in the same crew it was a good day #madeinelmonte #secoya #snowfall
My favorite video by MJ all gangster out like a mobster my favorite song has to be Billy Jean happy birthday Mike your music will live forever
If you were born in the 80's MJ was the shit when I was a little kid I would try to dance like Mike till this day nobody can dance like Mike rest in peace king of pop ....that moon walk fucken BADASS
Happy birthday to the king of pop MJ
Time to Ride or die I'm all in for the long run time to put up or shut up #madeinelmonte #secoya
Much love to my homie twisty for hooking this up nothing but love ese and thanks to @vndta_sam for the pics homes good working with u✊✊✊ #madeinelmonte #secoya
Ok so my headshots are in😎time to get shit cracken🍻took me a minute to get this done. honestly all this fell in my lap didn't know anybody in the industry to get these done after a while of being on different sets and meeting some Raza in the industry I got it done #madeinelmonte #secoya
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