Had to repost this one from my homegirls page @sliceofaissa are day off from the Goliath set had a blast in Santa Barbara my boy @mons13r a fool my partner in crime
Guard Duty on the Goliath set
Throwback with my aunt and uncle and cousin number 1 at the Los Angeles Forest shooting range fuck A my hair short right here 💙 that Winchester
Where did I stash that gun😈 #madeinelmonte
The way I been feeling lately #madeinelmonte
Little photo shoot today 😎 after shopping in the alleys in Los #madeinelmonte
Flapps & Monsters Waste Removal "If you got the waste, we'll find the place!" #madeinelmonte #setlife #Badguys
Making sure Billy doesn't leave the pad Babysitting at gun point #madeinelmonte #setlife
Got to work with David cross on this scene Thought I had more camera time but after editing guess it got cut But still getting to work with David cross was worth it #madeinelmonte #setlife #Badguys
Old school EL MONTE FLORES pics of my dad n some of his closest homies #madeinelmonte #memoriesofelmonte
You guys tell me what do you think??Do I look like my pops or what #madeinelmonte #memoriesofelmonte
Happy Fathers Day to my pops Mr.Santos 😎👔🍻 Love you Dad #madeinelmonte #memoriesofelmonte
And of course me and my motha fucken Dog @mons13r once again homes it was a hell of a time doing this show with you brotha ✊these motha fuckas😂😂😂we got em now #madeinelmonte #setlife #goliath #Badguys
The homies are going to be popping up in the show from time to time make sure to check us out #madeinelmonte
So it's finally here😱 I had a blast working on the show possibly one of the best shows I've ever been on😎 everybody from the staff the directors the actors makeup hair Department all brilliant people👏👏👏 Amazon Prime season 2 check us out
No matter what set I'm on my homeboy monster ain't far away WEST UP ESE #madeinelmonte
Before you go puts some money in my books ese lol #madeinelmonte
Great Day with the homies on set today Doing some time lol #madeinelmonte #southland #brownside
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