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This is it here been waiting 14 years for this. 2019 some real niggas about to hit the street. I'm on way about time our law makers do the right thing. #Freehogg T-shirts 2019 is going to be the best year of my life.
(Pray To God) Mafia Boyz ft Vicious. Free my nigga Vicious
(Riding Clean) My nigga Mr Buck eat this mf up follow him @ Mafia_boy_buck
( You Bout That) My nigga Baby Black eat this track up. Mobbed Out Ent im CEO Mafia Boy Hogg.
(We never broke) Mafia Boyz ft Vicious, Husaholic, lady Kim. #Husaholic
(Bent behind Tint) Mafia Boyz ft. Lil Webbie me and my niggas was on our way. #Webbie #boosiebadazz
(Stay Strong) Dedicated to all the real women out there. Me on the first verse. #freehogg
(Put it down) Mafia Boyz. Me on the first verse #Mafia boy Hogg CEO of Mobbed Out Ent.
2 really good books Legends to the game.
Another good read Port Autuhr Legend. RIP Pimp C
Good read H Town legend.
Louisiana prison gumbo prepared by me. Good shit here
Nigga locker looks like a mf pantry in they house. I'm living nigga under these circumstances but can't wait to get that Big Boy bag like im known to do. With you or with out u nigga im straight.
This the size I want to get back to 2011
Best pic i have seen of this asshole yet. 🤣🤣🤣
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